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2021-11-12 08:01
"Butterfly Dream" is a very clever psychological and artistic film using suspense techniques, and it is also one of the most typical and outstanding representative works in Hitchcock's films. The atmosphere of the film is weird and full of suspense. The dark and depressing Mandley Manor, the deserted buildings, and the ghostly housekeepers in the film have all become classic scenes in the history of film.
"Butterfly Dream" is a movie with a strong Gothic style and elegant classical flavor, and has achieved both commercial and artistic success. Although the film does not have the typical Hitchcock style, Hitchcock's superb director skills make the film have an aesthetic value that transcends time. In the film, Hitchcock creates mood and atmosphere through skillful film techniques, and each scene in the film is handled appropriately. The complicated and confusing emotional entanglements, the tortuous and weird and reasonable puzzle-solving process, and the heroine like the frightened deer all give the film a highly unified poignant and mysterious style.
In "Butterfly Dream", Hitchcock gave up his usual tense thrilling styles and editing skills, and focused on portraying the relationship between characters, creating mysterious psychological effects by using mobile photography, small props, voice-overs, and reaction lenses. The whole story unfolds in a slow rhythm, but often inserts strange pens, unexpectedly in the scene scheduling. The film director and most of the actors are British, and the story is set on a British manor in the early twentieth century. Therefore, the film is full of strong British colors, elegant and solemn  .
"Butterfly Dream" is a special movie. As the protagonist’s ex-wife, although Rebecca, who has passed away, does not appear in the movie, she controls the actions of the heroes and heroines, and even the plot of the entire movie. Some critics believe that the film is a movie in which the heroine never appeared, and this kind of character setting that did not appear has become the most unique and exciting part of the film.
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  • Terry 2022-03-27 09:01:04

    One of my favorite Alfred Hitchcock works. . The adaptation is much better than the original. . Laurence Olivier is of course a regal gentleman. . Joan Fontaine is very suitable for the role of a commoner girl + sensitive and suspicious~~

  • Jesus 2021-11-12 08:01:24

    Although the director said that the film he made was a failure, it was a big success in the end. It should be because he had too high demands on himself. The color change of the film is not only a change in color, but also echoes the advancement of the plot, which is a bonus.

Rebecca quotes

  • Maxim de Winter: [to his wife at breakfast] Have a look at "The Times"; there's a thrilling article on what's the matter with English cricket!

  • Maxim de Winter: I knew where Rebecca's body was, lying on that cabin floor on the bottom of the sea.

    Mrs. de Winter: How did you know, Maxim?

    Maxim de Winter: Because... I put it there.

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