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2022-04-11 08:01
The rock band Rolling Stones held two concerts at the Beacon Theater in New York, USA on October 29 and November 1, 2006. The video materials and interview materials of the Rolling Stones from different periods and different perspectives, as well as the inside and outside of the two concerts. The scenes are perfectly condensed. At the beginning of their formation, they proudly claimed to be the greatest Rolling Stones in the world. They have used their legendary experience for nearly half a century and even their great success to prove that they are not arrogant. Since their debut in July 1962, the Rolling Stones have never stopped, and their music covers a wide range: hard rock, blues, psychedelic rock, and even punk. On the stage, they were sometimes brutish, sometimes decadent, sometimes violent, and sometimes glorified of pornography. They became the villains of the famous Beatles and the idols of the bad boys. Although several elderly people over sixty years old are still very active on major stages around the world. Their radical and sharp music and enthusiastic stage presence never diminished their courage.
The live recording of the concert is an important part of the film. The dazzling lights are a gorgeous set, the deafening singing is a natural soundtrack, and the madly obsessed crowd is no longer an ordinary element in a concert, they are the most authentic actors. At the concert, the members of the Rolling Stones smiled confidently, even though they were no longer young. The wrinkles on their faces have broken through the number of staves. Time has given them too much accumulation, and too much accumulation has given them endless vitality. Jagger, Richard, Wood, Watts, everyone's performance in the concert is impeccable, they are still dressed as hippies, what can't be changed is the indifferent attitude. Talking, roaring, shouting, singing, running, dancing, jumping, smoking, grimace, the Rolling Stones never seem to regard the audience as the gods they should be careful to serve. The feeling of God is found in the music. No matter whether you have experienced those passionate and confused times or not, the dynamic music makes people fascinated. The appearance of Christina Aglaia, Jack White and Buddy Guy also graced the concert.
In addition to the live recording of the concert, "Shine a Light" also inserted a black and white documentary film of the young lead singer Jagger being interviewed by reporters around the world between the songs. The film also captures moments before the concert, such as Scorsese's rush to find a repertoire to schedule a shoot, but Richards and Wood remain silent, appearing to object to such an approach. Jagger gave a repertoire, except that the tracks above are not in the order of performance, but in the order that the media is familiar with, the media knows, and the media does not know   .
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  • Arielle 2022-04-14 09:01:07

    I just remembered that this movie was shot by Martin Sykes... = =

  • Keyshawn 2022-04-12 09:01:11

    When old Martin brought a musical feast, a legendary documentary, and a video camera guide film, he believed that he himself was silent in happiness. Seeing that Mick Jagger can still be so youthful in his 60s, old Martin's enthusiasm for movies must not subside.

Shine a Light quotes

  • [last lines]

    Martin Scorsese: [to the camera man] Up! Up!

  • [first lines]

    Mick Jagger: It looks like a doll's house.

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