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2022-03-26 08:01
The stories related to middle-aged widowhood and family relations involved in "Smart People" are already stereotyped themes that have been filmed many times. But the film's uniqueness lies in its natural and peaceful stance, as in the movie "Juno." Regarding the issue of widowhood, there is neither the lingering dream that is almost detached from real life like the movie "Ten Times I Love You Again", nor the understatement like the movie "Dan's Real Life", but the real life. For the chaotic family relationship, it "inherits" a wonderful model similar to the movie "Little Miss Sunshine". The script of the film is very good, each vivid character is full of personality, coupled with concise and intriguing lines, adhering to the characteristics of the independent spirit, completely unconventional   .
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Smart People quotes

  • Lawrence Wetherhold: Just go home and get some sleep, and get the perfect SAT score.

    Vanessa Wetherhold: That's what I've been trying to do.

    Lawrence Wetherhold: mercurial...

    Vanessa Wetherhold: I learned that word in the 5th grade.

    Lawrence Wetherhold: fecundity...

    Vanessa Wetherhold: Ah, English is my first language.

    Lawrence Wetherhold: uxorious...

    Vanessa Wetherhold: That's appropriately obscure - mind you I know it. Overly fond of one's wife.

    Lawrence Wetherhold: That's my girl.

    Janet Hartigan: I have a good one. eft...

    Vanessa Wetherhold: Let me ponder... Short in stature. Diminutive.

    Janet Hartigan: No I'm sorry, eft is a young newt.

  • Vanessa Wetherhold: Dad if there are *any* romantic inklings, you're simply not ready. I mean the socio-sexual mores

    Vanessa Wetherhold: Ah and look, let's not forget the stigma attached to widowers.

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