Smart People behind the scenes gags

2022-03-26 08:01
  1. The film's original lead actress was actress Rachel Weisz.
  2. Dennis William Quaid and Thomas Haden Church both had special beards for the characters.
  3. Dennis William Quaid thought his beard looked very strange, so he shaved it off as soon as the scene was over.
  4. Dennis William Quaid changed many of his habits, including his walking posture, to make himself look like a British professor.
  5. Dennis William Quaid didn't have enough time, so he couldn't get fat for the character, so he had to wear some fat clothes, and then stuffed some stuffing inside, and used them to create a slightly fat look.
  6. The crew wasted a lot of time before filming started because they couldn't find the right person to play Vanessa.
  7. During the filming, the script was revised several times, and the role of Vanessa was reworked by Am Muro and Marc Poyer for Elliot Page.
  8. Sarah Jessica Parker hadn't read the script before deciding to star in the film   .
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    Three and a half stars, a touch of warmth, a typical American independent literary sketch

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    The subject matter is average, the script is average, the actors' performances are average, all are average, and the troubled family has a normal, old-fashioned theme because of a troubled member. But it seems that I see myself in the past, look down on the people around me, don't mind being a loner, and always think that I can control everything...

Smart People quotes

  • James Wetherhold: Vanessa here is the perfect little housewife. I mean daughter.

    Vanessa Wetherhold: Yes, if by perfect you mean not retarded, slash suffering from insurmountable credit card debt, then yes, I'm indeed perfect.

  • Janet Hartigan: I like suburban Pittsburgh for Christmas.

    Lawrence Wetherhold: Yes. Really gliferous. Euro. Paris of uh, western Pennsylvania.

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