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2021-10-13 18:32
"Sandman" actor Thomas Harden Church faced physical challenges during the filming. The parts that Church needed to complete included: being stretched five feet in the air; his face was in contact with mud ; Being chased by a group of dogs; loitering in the air; falling on a railroad track; face being beaten with a fist, etc., Church found that during the shooting, he always had bruises on his body repeatedly because of the defense Improper, and often really hit.
Stuntman John R. Frazer is a veteran who has worked for three consecutive "Spider-Man". He said that he wanted to make an action movie of the size of "Spider-Man 3". Counting from the scene design, at least work for more than nine months.
Regarding the shooting process of Spider-Man and Sandman fighting in the sewers, John R. Fraser, who has designed many shipwreck scenes for the movie "Poseidon", said that this is the largest water consumption of all the films he has produced. Set of scenes. They used about 50,000 gallons of water and sprayed it out of the pipe through a device 50 feet away from the scene. However, they modified the hollow part of the pipe and installed a restrictor there. The size of the water column can be fully controlled. The used water can be recycled and reused by the water pump. The flow rate of the water pump is 3,000 gallons per minute. That is to say, they only need five minutes to refill the large water tank and prepare for the next re-shooting. There are a total of 8 hidden cameras serving this set of scenes. At the same time, there is no real person here, only a digital person. Scott Stockedick said that because'Spiderman' discovered the'Sandman' ''S weakness is water, so this set of methods to effectively restrain the ability of the'sand people' was created. But here, they have to use a "sandman" made entirely of CG, because the huge pressure generated by the water flow is not something Thomas Harden Church or any stuntman can bear.
In the segment of the bank robbery, a guard became the victim of the "Sand Man" venting his anger, and his actor was the producer Grant Curtis. Bradley said with a smile that, as a producer, Curtis has the potential to become a "scrooge", which is similar to the bank guard responsible for transporting money. So Sam Remy captured Curtis’s personality traits in this respect, specially arranged for such a role, and then invited him to the set for a few days to play the role of the money transport truck that was eventually buried underneath by a lot of sand. Guard. Curtis seems to have accepted his "destiny" very calmly, because based on his ten-year working experience with Remy, any argument is meaningless.
This set of scenes began in a spectacular way. The "Sandman" smashed the roof of the money transport truck with his fist. In fact, he smashed a bubble that was jointly completed by Frazer and his production team. The money carrier, about 8 feet high and 6 feet wide, weighs 500 pounds. Then, the "Sand Man" split countless sand currents from his body, rushed towards Curtis, and he was buried alive. The shooting here requires the money transport truck to be lifted and tilted at a 50-degree angle so that the sand can be poured out. Although there are all-around measures, Curtis’s character is bound to bear part of the weight of the sand. When it comes to the actual shooting , The producer discovered that what fell on him was not the sand, but the light ears of corn. It turned out that this was a substitute that Freize came up with that could be cleverly disguised as sand.
Of course, the use of corn ears is not a magic formula that came to mind right away. The first to conduct in-depth research on this was the costume designer James Atchison. After all, as one of the designers responsible for the appearance of the character, Acheson needed to solve some key issues during the pre-production. For example, if a person is made of sand, what should he look like, his face should be pitted or very smooth, whether his clothes should also be made of sand, and so on, so he learns from the world Different sands were shipped from various places for comparison and experiments, and a series of problems were quickly discovered in the research: firstly, importing sand is a very expensive transaction; secondly, the weight of sand is very important for actors and doubles. dangerous. So, the use of corn ears becomes a perfect choice because it is safe and effective: it looks exactly like sand, but it weighs less than half of sand. 
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