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2021-10-13 18:32
In the first half of the film, the audience can completely immerse themselves in the super gorgeous visual effects world without thinking too much. I have to praise the special effects of "Spider-Man 3", almost reaching the pinnacle. As a commercial film, the film has completed a large part of its mission in the first half of the film. At the same time of realizing the appreciability of a movie, we must also pay attention to the story. The story of the film is more interesting and fascinating than "Superman Returns". The story is good-looking, exciting, and never cold, which is also the key to the success of the "Spider-Man" series.
Seeing the middle of the film, I had to feel depressed by the weight of the story. This is a huge pressure that you can't feel when watching the first two episodes of Spider-Man. Parker’s attitude towards family, friendship, and love is fully expressed in Spider-Man 3. In the face of family relationships, he will also have misunderstandings and act recklessly; in the face of friendship, he will also become annoyed and lose himself; in the face of love, he will also be at a loss, confused and infatuated. All of this clearly shaped the hero into an ordinary person. When he was dressed in a black spider suit and the terrifying look in his eyes, it was sighing, where is the hero.
From the many posters and trailers of the film, it can be seen that the black mysterious substance will be the highlight of the film. And after watching it, I can't help feeling that the black spider's limelight is somewhat evenly divided. Compared with Peter Parker's original "going astray", the passage of Sha Ren's "repentance and renewal" is obviously more shocking. And also at the end of the film, the farewell between Spider-Man and the Little Green Devils is obviously more touching. The farther to the back, the more hasty the plot. What is even more regrettable is the passage where Peter Parker "turns back to the shore" and tears up the spider's suit. Just because of a scene where Spider-Man is in the rain in a black spider suit, he wants to quietly take it with him, letting Spider-Man" "Changing evil and returning to righteousness" is too sloppy to explain.
"Spider-Man 3" also has many plot irrationalities. For example, when Spider-Man's hands were hard to beat four punches, Harry's old housekeeper told Harry that his father was not killed by Peter. Let’s not talk about the episode, I will talk about it until the end. And the Sand Man suddenly changed his evil and returned to righteousness. It was inexplicable enough. After fighting for a long time, he stopped and said that he was wrong. It was too illogical. The change in the attitudes of Peter, Harry, and the Sand Man was really overwhelming.
Fortunately, the flaws are not concealed. "Spider-Man 3" still has too many highlights as a whole, enough to drown out the small problems of those telegraph poles. Special effects and emotions are also combined very well. There are both dazzling and gorgeous pictures, but also sincere and moving emotions. Love is dealt with best in the film. Continuing the characteristics of the first two episodes, the emotional entanglement in this episode has obviously increased. Just as the movie left the audience with a tearful hero at the end, it tells people that if you are a person, you will have troubles, and Spiderman is also a person, and all this has to make the audience collectively sympathize with a hero who is admired by all people. Too many responsibilities. A hero needs not only the perseverance beyond ordinary people, but also the feelings of normal people.
Although the film has some shortcomings, as a whole, "Spider-Man 3" is still an extremely successful commercial film.
Many fans complain that the deliberately complicated plot of "Spider-Man 3" actually has many problems. Spider-Man himself has to be entangled in the misunderstanding of his girlfriend and friends, and he has to find a way to deal with three different types of enemies. The bluntness of the plot is even more numerous. 
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  • New Goblin: If you want Peter to live, you're going to do something for me.

  • Harry Osborn: You gonna kill me like you killed me father?

    Peter Parker: I'm done trying to convince you.

    Harry Osborn: You took him from me. He loved me.

    Peter Parker: No. He despised you. You were an embarrassment to him.

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    Peter Parker: Oh. Look at little Goblin Junior. Gonna cry?

    [Peter knocks Harry unconscious on the wall shelf and walks away. Harry tries to throw a pumpkin bomb at Peter, but Peter throws it back at Harry's face, disfiguring it]

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