Splendor in the Grass movie plot

2022-03-12 08:01
This film tells a story that depicts a particularly cruel reality. There is a high school student Bard ( Hatred Betty) in the southern town of Kansas who falls in love with Dini (Natalie Wood ), and has the idea of ​​not marrying. However, due to conservative ideas, his father is not allowed. He believes that physiological needs can be solved with money, and asks him to wait until he graduates from college to talk about lifelong events. As a result, Bard has a relationship with a slutty girl, Wang Ni (played by Otti Cheristi). , Dini was so stimulated that amentia was sent to a mental hospital, while Bard was sent back to his hometown. After Dini recovered, he returned to visit Bard in his hometown, and found that Bard had returned from a lively and gorgeous teenager to dullness, and suddenly felt the cruelty and loneliness of reality. The filming was very successful and moved people's hearts. The descriptions are enough to reflect the common misunderstandings of today's middle school students in the relationship between men and women. The excellent performances of the actors add a lot of color to the film. The film won the Best Story and Screenplay Award at the 34th (1961) Oscars . 
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Extended Reading
  • Issac 2022-03-26 09:01:14

    "Even if there is no more / To bring back the glory of the grassland / And the glory of the flowers / Let us not be sad / Why should we find the strength deep in our hearts." It fits perfectly with these sentences. A group of young people trapped in the era of the Great Depression were forced to give up their original ideals due to traditional education and the repression of the times. No fear of sadness. If you look at the title of the film, you will know that it will never be a certain generation that breaks down. Not many people will listen to your original ideals. However, the film processing methods of that era were too extensive, and it was always impossible to accurately find the foothold that could completely release the audience's emotions.

  • Glennie 2022-03-26 09:01:14

    Though nothing can bring back the hour, splendor in the grass, glory of flower, we will grieve not; rather find, strength in what remains behind. —Wordsworth "Intimation of Immortality" Well written, Great Depression, South Town The joys and sorrows of the last two families, a young man who was sexually distressed in 1928. The female protagonist is too beautiful, and the male protagonist doesn't like it very much.

Splendor in the Grass quotes

  • Wilma Dean: Didn't you ever feel that way about Dad?

    Mrs. Loomis: Your father never laid a hand on me until we were married. Then I... I just gave in because a wife has to. A woman doesn't enjoy those things the way a man does. She just lets her husband come near her in order to have children.

  • Mrs. Loomis: Ginny Stamper is too low for the dogs to bite.

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