Taxidermia movie plot

2022-03-23 08:01
The film is divided into three narrative segments, the themes are semen, saliva and blood.
The protagonist of the first part is a small person at the bottom of the society, without dignity and being cast aside. But he is still human, with feelings and desires. He can only use his imagination to satisfy his inexhaustible longing for life. He peeks at women bathing and plays, sucks the sewage soaked in women's bodies, imagines being a friend of a little girl who sells matches, and dreams of becoming a maid's lover. The water stimulated his genitals with fire, and in his sleep he climaxed, and he experienced the happiest time of his life. When he wakes up, the harsh reality kills him, and his dream lover is a sow that has just been slaughtered.
If the director's mocking portrayal of the tragic character in the first part satisfied the audience at the center of the hilariousness, the second part will call the audience "disgusting." "Saliva" is about eating, not a normal diet, but turning people into a swallowing machine, eating food that dozens or even hundreds of people can't finish in the shortest time, and then spit it out. The protagonist is such a big man who can hold dozens of kilograms of food. The camera stayed in this scene for dozens of minutes, and the protagonist stuffed the solid or liquid "food" into the esophagus like a machine, and then in the background, it was like a faucet from the throat. Just like squirting out those objects that were just stuffed in.but even in such a "food machine" there is a sensitive heart, and love quietly takes root in it. The big man was proud of his career and won the love of his future wife.
The third part follows the story of the second part, aiming the camera at the crystallization of the love between Dahan and his wife, an ironically lean and lean little man. The little man opened a shop for processing animal skins and bones, and all kinds of animals were hollowed out and visceral, standing or lying in his shop. The little man has his troubles, his wretched image is difficult to win the favor of beautiful women, his father has been abandoned by his wife, and he has been lying in the chair all day long, turning into a pile of talking fat and needing his care. Due to the quarrel between father and son that day, the little man forgot to lock the iron door of the cat room. Several kittens are pets to ordinary people, but they are deadly murderers to the immobile father. The camera started when the little man went home and didn't hear his father's words. Following his searching gaze, he saw that there was a black hole in the middle of his father's snow-white belly, which was as round as a hill. Extending from the black hole was a deep red intestine. pulled into a straight line. The camera followed the direction in which the intestines were elongated and walked most of the room, and finally went through the iron door and went deep into the cat room. At the end of the wall, there was a pool of blood, and then a few cats were licking their mouths, and there were bloodstains on the corners of their mouths. Although the son hated the cat for killing his father, he was glad that such a rare specimen would become his amazing masterpiece. The next clearest picture shows the son cleaning his father's guts. Blood vessels, organs, fat, and various parts of the human body are taken out, cleaned, cut, and crushed like works of art. The bright red blood is continuously squeezed out until there is only an empty skin sac left. After doing all this, the son also turned himself into a work, using a carefully designed machine to cut off his head and right arm. The film ends in an ultra-modern art gallery, with snow-white buildings and interiors, and audiences in snow-white clothes watching these two world-renowned human artworks. 
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