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2022-03-18 08:01
Internationally famous director Sally Potter (Sally Potter), following 'Beautiful Orlando' and 'Tango in Love', makes 'The Man Who Cried The Man Who Cried', the first masterpiece of the 21st century, combining Christine Rachel. (The Ada family, Ghost Horse), Johnny Depp (Chocolate, Sleepy Hollow) and actress Cate Blanchett (Genius Ripley, Elizabeth) and other hard-core actors, they won the media after the release. With the unanimous praise of fans, such as British magazine 'Empire' praised 'this is a beautiful heartbreaking moving film', the Associated Press also praised 'a heartbreaking story intertwined with war, actress Christine Leigh' Kei, Johnny Depp and actress Cate Blanche, etc., the performance is brilliant!'. The story unfolds in beautiful graphics, a majestic opera and beautiful gypsy music . Audiences who like musicals must watch this film.
Starting from Russia, passing through Britain, France, and finally to the United States, a hopeless love, a close friend, a road to find a father after 20 years.
Everyone's life may be traced back to use some keywords to express, about Many things can be ignored and forgotten. Many things have been precipitated like being rinsed with water and gradually surfaced.
If I want to record the most important thing about Fegele, I will put the encounter with Cesar at the top. Although this life journey The purpose was to find the father who appeared at the beginning of the story and sang the aria "Je Crois Entendre Encore, the unforgettable singing voice" in the opera "Pearl Divers", and I still remember the song he sang with a sincere voice, kindly and sympathetically. And a sense of security. In Fegele's life at that time, singing and her father were the most important things. Although she was constantly threatened and persecuted, it was still a simple and beautiful life. Then her father decided to go to the United States to find a job, and then put her Picked it up with grandma.
So the story begins, ransacking, fleeing, and going to America. However, she ended up on a ship bound for England.
The trailer uses to find her vioce to describe her way to Paris, meeting the ambitious Lola. When Lola fell in love with the Italian opera singer Dante Dominio, I had a little bit of her Hope was almost dashed. Dangerous and snobbish women have always disliked me. But when Lola betrayed Susie, Dante decided to leave him and help Susie escape the clutches of the Nazis. It was so unpredictable for me. A good friend, very lucky. Life is so rare.
Falling in love with Cesa, of course. Not many people can escape his eyes. Deep and charming. Years later, Johnny Depp became a heartthrob because of Pirates of the Caribbean, I But I only remember this film and Edward Scissorhands. He led the white horse and Feigler for a walk in the silent square in the middle of the night. The fountain was blooming next to it. In the corner of the city, the gypsies were revelling with music. She joined his group, Irresistible.
The background of history had to let down and leave. No choice.
Who's crying, The Man Who Cried
I always care about the soundtrack of the movie, which is the biggest reason why this movie is my favorite. The biggest credit is the director Sally Potter, many people must add a female director when they comment on her, but her creation is like an epic As grand. Her identities are varied. Her first role came when she directed "Tango Lessons." Trained at the London School of Dance in the 1970s and became a professional dancer and choreographer. He started a dance company and made several films about dance. Directing a variety of stage plays, she is also a poet and singer, playing in makeshift music bands and collaborating with composer Lindsay Cooper on tours in Moscow. She also collaborated with David Motion on the music in "Orlando."
The filming of Woolf's novel "Orlando" apparently earned her the most fame, describing the different treatment, limitations and feelings Orlando suffered as a man and a woman. At one point, the man who favored Queen Elizabeth; another It is a woman who has been expelled from the circle of power, and the whole film becomes no longer a story of Orlando alone, but a zeitgeist of hundreds of years as long as his life. Although it is a long description of history. It's like a masterpiece, but it is clear that the ultimate return is human, and the focus is still on describing the different psychological conditions of Orlando as a person, experiencing death, rebirth, love, war, social and other behaviors.
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  • Lucinda 2022-03-20 09:03:08

    This time it was Depp who rode the white horse, and it was Christina Ricci again. I thought it was a sequel to Sleeping Hollow. Cate Blanchett is charming on the show and always plays that lullaby from Budapest Love.

  • Donavon 2022-03-25 09:01:23

    How inexplicable, it's just three men crying

The Man Who Cried quotes

  • [Dante has been ingratiating himself with Nazi officers, while Suzie has been helping the gypsies]

    Dante Dominio: [as she clears up horse droppings] Hey, little Suzie. You have found your place at last, amongst the animals.

    Suzie: And you have found yours.

  • Welsh Teacher: Now, you're in England now, so you speak English, don't you? They wouldn't let me speak Welsh, either. But it did me the world of good. In the end. You see, Suzie, you've got to learn to fit in.

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