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2022-04-11 08:01
·Since the 1996 film "Shine" won the Oscar, this is the first time that Southern Commonwealth of Australia director Scott Hicksmo has made a film in his hometown.
· Warr's house in the movie took 2 months to build.
· The original film was set in Queensland, Commonwealth of Australia, and the writers intended to create a stark contrast between the tropical Commonwealth of Australia and the icy United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Later, the South Commonwealth of Australia government heard the news that the film was going to start, and hoped that the director would return to his hometown to shoot. They provided the producers with more favorable financial subsidies, so the filming location of the film was finally set in South Australia.
The original author Simon Carr is a bit extreme in his political attitude. He has his own views and opinions on issues such as nanny and over-protection of children, and investors are more sensitive to this. Therefore, the director asked Owen to act as executive producer, thus It can make the film less politically biased, and at the same time retain a slightly milder political stance, ensuring that Joe's more rigid character in the film.
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  • Braeden 2022-04-16 09:01:09

    I'm really enjoying Australia more and more, with warm movies and tamas wells. The pain of losing a wife and two very naive children, the movie is very touching, but the script seems to be a bit flawed, I thought of the "Last Journey" I watched before

  • Carroll 2022-04-15 09:01:07

    I want to say that fathers are not omnipotent, why do boys demand such fathers? The father in the movie doesn't seem to lose his temper, why can't he lose his temper!

The Boys Are Back quotes

  • Artie: Daddy.

    Joe Warr: What is it, sweet heart?

    Artie: I want to die.

    Joe Warr: Do you? Why?

    Artie: So I can be with mommy.

    Artie: Don't worry daddy, I'll stay down here with you for now.

    Joe Warr: Thanks.

  • Laura: Do you want to say something about the cat?

    Artie: Cat food looks better than it tastes.

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