The Boys Are Back movie plot

2022-04-11 08:01
After battling the disease for a long time, his wife finally left her husband and children, which makes Joe Valnot only need to deal with the heavy loss of his wife, but also realize that he suddenly He has become a single father, and he must try to find a feasible way to raise his two sons on his own - Joe finds that he is forced to walk in with a stranger he is not familiar with. Domain, and his two children Artieand Harryare similarly struggling with their own emotional baggage. The three father and son, who were in a mess and made a mess, finally decided to forget all the previous habits and regulations of this family after thinking about the pain. They need to implement a new way of life, and only say Yes as their need. The only standard to pursue - the consequences can be imagined, when everything starts to go in the wrong direction, Joe finds that he is faced with a difficult choice again, and he has to behave like a real one. A father, and at the same time can not lose the joy that a childlike life brings   .
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  • Maud 2022-04-13 09:01:07

    The picture is beautiful. I admit that the father inside is indeed a little self-centered in the way he gets along with people, but I think he has tried his best to be the best. On the contrary, I feel that the 2 children are spoiled, and the youngest son died at a young age. Mom can understand, but the eldest son doesn't need to be so hypocritical. Is it a period of rebellion? Isn't it just divorce? Parents are also trying their best to compensate for the spiritual needs of children in developed countries for their parents.

  • Wade 2022-04-13 09:01:07

    The delicate film itself is flat and sincere, and the beautiful shots and original sound also add a lot. Telling a story about the growth of a single father and a man between two sons, the children's performances are naturally revealed, and the often-appearing wife is also moving.

The Boys Are Back quotes

  • Joe Warr: I run a pretty loose ship. Basically I've found that the more rules there are, the more crimes are created. So, fewer rules. Fewer, but bigger rules. No interrupting adults...

    Harry: Why not?

  • Joe Warr: I *did* love your mother very much, you know.

    Harry: Then why did you leave?

    Joe Warr: Married couples in my mother and father's generation stayed together for the sake of the children. We divorced for the same reason.

    Harry: So you divorced for my sake?

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