The Boys Are Back Tough Guy VS Kind Father: Clive Owen's Big Screen Transformation

2022-04-11 08:01
Clive Owen, who has always appeared in the image of a tough guy, admitted that the reason why he took the role this time was because of a good script and director. He said that he was very moved after reading the script. From the perspective of a man, he described the hardships of being a parent very realistically. He believes that director Scott Hicks is the best person to shoot this film. "Scott is very sensitive, smart, and good at dealing with subtle feelings, especially when several protagonists are still children in the film, which requires the director to have enough patience and understanding." .
In order to get a good rapport with Nicholas McAnulty, Irving spent a lot of time with him, taking him to the zoo playground, away from his parents and crew, so that no matter what happened during filming, Nicholas could fully Trust him to ensure the smooth shooting of the film. In the face of emotional scenes that were rarely seen in previous movies, Owen also put a lot of effort into it, "When shooting sad scenes, I can think of some sad things in my mind, because I have 2 daughters, so I am in a relationship with When it comes to acting in opposite roles, young actors can still easily deal with it, the only thing is to concentrate and concentrate." Although he can handle emotional scenes with ease, Owen also admits that the biggest challenge of filming is the relationship with Nick, to ensure that this relationship is 100% real, after so many ups and downs, hard and twisted process and funny scenes, this is life, to make this belief and relationship seem real, to make the audience believe and empathize.
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  • Tyrese 2022-04-14 09:01:07

    we are always boys. Strong fatherly love, full of love. Especially in that long shot, the sound of plucking the guitar is very transparent.

  • Cassandre 2022-04-15 09:01:07

    Clive Owen wasn't real enough, maybe because of bad editing. Compared with recent films of the same type, it does not follow the line of bloodshed, and the sense of sensation is well grasped, which is more expensive than ordinary.

The Boys Are Back quotes

  • Artie: Daddy.

    Joe Warr: What is it, sweet heart?

    Artie: I want to die.

    Joe Warr: Do you? Why?

    Artie: So I can be with mommy.

    Artie: Don't worry daddy, I'll stay down here with you for now.

    Joe Warr: Thanks.

  • Laura: Do you want to say something about the cat?

    Artie: Cat food looks better than it tastes.

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