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2022-07-08 20:53
The Canadian film "Quand tombe la nuit" is a gay film about female romances in Western society. The heroine Camilla is placed at the critical point of eroticism, with austere theological teachings on one side and a mysterious circus of Luo Zhi's dreams on the other, and Patricia's intrusion is like a prophet who provokes her full senses. Guiding, developing, and waiting for the moment of decision, the two will eventually work together to build a dream. Director Patricia Rozema used different symbols to symbolize the gay relationship between Camilla and Patricia in the film. For example: in the scene where they make love, there is also a pair of circus trapeze performers performing some difficult movements in the film. The two trapeze figures symbolize the relationship between Camilla and Patrice – harmony, perfection and oneness, but also a certain level of danger. "Dangerous" also symbolizes homosexuality in real society, because it has not been recognized by the public and still belongs to a group that is regarded as an alien.
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When Night Is Falling quotes

  • Petra: Without music, life would be a mistake.

  • Martin: And these things pass.

    Camille: What things?

    Martin: These... passing things.

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