When Night Is Falling movie plot

2022-07-08 18:09
The heroine Camille is a professor at the seminary and is about to marry Martin, a theologian who has been with her for many years. Unexpectedly, a traveling circus performer, Patrice, breaks into the world of the two. Patrice's zealous indulgence forms a subtle attraction for Camille, who lives in a serious religious atmosphere, making her gradually lose her self-control and face the erotic choice between heterosexuality and homosexuality.
Camilla is engaged to Martin, a devout missionary and a professor, as a [professional Christian], both of whom are expected to bond, Camila meets Patricia at the laundromat, who is A circus performer, Camilla felt great attraction to Patrice, and Patricia flirted with Camilla boldly. In Camilla's normal and intellectual life, she first found desire gushing out like a fountain , she was surprised by her crush on Patricia. Camilla is terrified of the coming upheaval and forced to decide between the woman she needs and the man she once loved. For Camilla, the real need in her soul is same-sex love   .
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When Night Is Falling quotes

  • Petra: Without music, life would be a mistake.

  • Martin: And these things pass.

    Camille: What things?

    Martin: These... passing things.

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