Night falls: When the night falls, all the evil spirits are all around

Wilfred 2022-07-08 20:14:29

I also saw it by accident, from the beginning to the end, I watched it from YOUTUDE, the videos are connected one by one, I really like the part where Camille went to Patra and made love, it is the most beautiful part of the LES movie I have seen. . Especially the music is really good!

Screenwriter/Director: Patricia Rozema Patricia Rozema is a Calvinist who grew up in Canada. Patricia Rozema didn't watch her first movie until she was 16 years old. Among the common themes in her films, the process of pursuing one's own gender and sexual orientation is often considered to be strongly autobiographical. She studied philosophy and English literature in college, and worked as a journalist for a while after graduation. After that, she had the opportunity to serve as an assistant director for well-known directors such as David Cronenberg. The first film "Passion: A letter in 16mm was completed at the end of her five-week film course. Due to the favorable economic conditions of the family, Rozma always believes that the goal of making a movie is not whether it is done well or not, but to always maintain a high degree of enthusiasm and interest to complete it.

Chronology of Rozma's major works

2000 "This Might Be Good", "Happy Days"
1999 "Mansfield Park" Mansfield Park
1997 "Bach Cello Suite #6: Six Gestures"
1995 "Night Falls" When Night Is Falling
1990 White Room
1987 I've Heard the Mermaids Singing
1986 Urban Menace
1985 Passion: A Letter in 16mm

About the film:

After "Go Hear the Mermaid Sing", "Night Falls" is another film by director Patricia Rozma that walks on the edge of heterosexuality and homosexuality. The film name comes from Bergman's film "Fanny". The conclusion of "With Alexander": "When the night falls, all the evil spirits are all around..." This atmosphere is predicting the film's magnificent, blurred, and provocative taboos.

The heroine Camille is placed at the critical point of eroticism, with austere theological doctrines on one side, and a mysterious circus of Luo Zhi's dreams on the other, while Patra's intrusion is like a prophet who provokes her full senses, guiding, They are developing, waiting for the moment of decision, the two will eventually work together to build a dream.

The film begins with a few suggestive shots, declaring Camille's insecurity about the status quo, such as the two graceful female bodies immersed in the ocean in a dream, and the fiancé expounding his loyalty to "absolute" and "inevitability" in class. She then took shots with the theme of "how people are uneasy with the status quo"; then, she began a series of journeys to explore her deepest desires: first, the blow of the death of her pet dog, the spark of her first encounter with Patra in the laundry, and Patra's intrusion After a subtle change in her life, to questioning her relationship with Martin, Camille gradually became more and more aware of what she wanted.

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When Night Is Falling quotes

  • Petra: Without music, life would be a mistake.

  • Martin: And these things pass.

    Camille: What things?

    Martin: These... passing things.