The Bride with White Hair clothing styling

2022-03-01 08:01
In order to better shape the character image, Ronny Yu invited Japanese fashion designer Emi Wada to design the costumes   . Ms. Wada Emi has designed costumes for "Ran" directed by Akira Kurosawa, and also won the Oscar for Costume Design. The costumes on the wolf girl in "Bride with White Hair" have done a lot of work: the crown is covered with African gems, ivory, shells, and even ancient coins; the hazy veil is to emphasize the mystery of the character; the waist of the inner and outer robes They are all pleated; the cuffs were originally wide-mouthed and large sleeves, but they were eventually changed to narrow sleeves because of the inconvenience of shooting fight scenes.
The intricately crafted vest that Zhuo Yihang wore was woven from various fabrics. In order to highlight the innocence of the Jade Rakshasa, except for the bride's wedding dress, the clothes are all white; while Zhuo Yihang's clothes are mostly dark tones such as black, navy blue, and dark gray, reflecting his dilemma and lack of joy. mentality. Ms. Hetian has designed more than 200 sets of costumes for the film, of which only 16 are designed by the demons. These costumes are mainly in the styles of ethnic minorities in Nepal, Tibet, Xinjiang and other places. The fabrics are from the Netherlands, Japan, Selected from the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and other places, all of them are washed and aged to enhance the breath of life. Hetian Huimei also specially designed a hairstyle for Zhuo Yihang: Zhuo Yihang's hair is not only fluffy and loose, but also has a long braid, coupled with his thick unadorned fibrous roots, designed to highlight his slutty personality; half-covered forehead Messy hair is to create unruly chivalry  。
In addition to Ji Wushuang's modelling clothes, Japan's Emi Wada believes that the eight schools have a long history and disguise their hypocrisy with the right way, so they use dim black, gray and dark blue fabrics to highlight their subtlety and insidiousness; Ji Wushuang is not only geographically borderline, but also conjoined deformed. Therefore, through the robes with ethnic minority colors, it emphasizes its surly, arrogant, and flamboyant horror. The yin and yang conjoined Ji Wushuang, played by Wu Zhenyu and Lu Shaoling, is both domineering and evil, but also makes people feel a little pity. The younger brother's love for the wolf girl is not lost to Zhuo Yihang, and the dark cult flavor is full and rich, and Hetian Huimei is shining. The exotic shape of metallic luster can't hide his sensitive and lost heart."
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  • Lina 2022-03-16 09:01:08

    If I owe this night in this life, who said love is so difficult/Hate love is inseparable, the red face and white hair are even brighter/I can't burn through love, and I can't see through the fire

  • Alta 2022-03-16 09:01:08

    That conjoined person is so classic~

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