The Bride with White Hair evaluation action

2022-03-01 08:01
The film presents a lingering legend of rivers and lakes. It is extremely sophisticated in art, lighting, and photography, creating a dazzling martial arts world. Many visual effects are close to the later "comic" style new martial arts films. The costumes and sets have completely broken through the traditional martial arts film mode, making full use of lighting to create gorgeous effects, and operating a martial arts world between the real and the imagined by almost shooting a magic film.
In "Bride with White Hair", director Ronny Yu deliberately downplayed the martial arts elements and strengthened the love story in the film. The poignant and hopeless love between Zhuo Yihang and Jade Rakshasa has infected many audiences under his lens. The lyrics of the movie's theme song "Red Face and White Hair" sung by Leslie Cheung are very in line with Zhuo Yihang's infatuation in the movie. The beautiful love in the movie is also melted by Leslie Cheung's soulful singing   .
Brigitte Lin's white-haired witch is elegant and glamorous, which is quite a match for Leslie Cheung's romantic hero. The androgynous monster co-starred by Wu Zhenyu and Lu Shaoling is a major breakthrough in Chinese films. Ronny Yu has set a record for his directorial career with this film. peak. The tone of the entire film is gorgeous and gloomy, which is a very dissonant feeling, a metaphor for irresolvable contradictions and struggles; the characters in the film are full of symbolic meaning, who represents the establishment, who represents the careerist, who It is clear at a glance who represents the evil forces and who represents the selfish ghost. But the symbolic character setting does not make people feel thin and ridiculous. They complement each other with the cruel and cruel allegory of the rivers and lakes, which makes people shudder   .
"Bride with White Hair" is a love elegy by Ronny Yu. The stormy rivers and lakes, the chaotic and chaotic world, have killed a love that is at a loss. The film uses a lot of passionate shots to render the sincerity of love, and then uses extremely cruel contrasts to interpret the meaning of deep love and hatred. The tones of the film are sometimes gorgeous, sometimes dark and gloomy. Leslie Cheung once again met this kind of character who dares to love and dare not be angry since "Rouge Button". Every frown and smile reveals the character's own character, the kind of solitary and gorgeous, the kind of Gu Ying's self-pity, and the kind of painful struggle that comes into the corner of his eyes in an instant   .
"Bride with White Hair" is another monument of the new martial arts movie. With the unique image style of Ronny Yu and Bao Dexi, the freehand brushwork style in Liang Yusheng's original work has been raised to a level unparalleled. Ronny Yu's film style has marked "Bride with White Hair" as either chilling or gloomy.
In the opening scene, Zhuo Yihang's loneliness on the Lotus Peak blends with the glacial snow lotus growing in reverse under the snow peak, which is so desolate and sad. The noisy war horses, the ruined city and the mottled ancient Buddha also spread the chill due to the coldness of the cold tones. And Zhuo Yihang and Jade Rakshasa in the water scene, the use of warm tones, the beauty of slow-motion close-up, compared with the desolation of the chaotic world, the beauty of the paradise that does not compete with the world and the lingering love are completely set off come out.
Under Bao Dexi's photography and Hetian Huimei's clothing packaging, the splendid and gloomy visual effects show Zhuo Yihang's cynicism, Jade Rakshasa's graceful and glamorous, and Ji Wushuang's heterosexual male and female, creating a dazzling martial arts world . "Bride with White Hair" is like a broken sword wielded in a chaotic world. With its scarred body, it creates a gloomy and gloomy visual effect, and spells out a gorgeous and varied martial arts fable.  
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  • Wilbert 2022-03-01 08:01:16

    The mandarin ducks playing in the water are still fresh in my memory.

  • Kurtis 2022-03-01 08:01:16

    In fact, it is a heavy-duty fantasy martial arts romance horror film. Both Leslie Cheung and Brigitte Lin's performances are perfect. When I was a child, I was frightened by conjoined people. It was disgusting. Wu Zhenyu acted really well.

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