The Closer Highlights of the comeback

2022-06-22 13:20
Brenda's personality is blessed, the second season's return plot will revolve around the heroine Brenda's personal challenges, we will see more about Brenda's people and Brenda's high "Boss", and Brenda's love will face more challenges. To continue to lead this gang of proud men and keep them working hard Brenda will have to do everything in her power. Cases occur frequently, challenges continue, and Brenda's life is between the case and herself.
It's said that beautiful women are vases, so let's take a look at how intelligent beauties subvert this bizarre fallacy in the second season of Return.
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The Closer quotes

  • Det. Lt. Provenza: Ok, everybody; mark the date.

    [long pause]

    Det. Lt. Provenza: I was wrong.

  • Brenda Leigh Johnson: Are you trying to encourage me or make me nervous?

    Asst. Police Chief Will Pope: I'm just trying to figure out why you're so damn confident you can get this woman to help you.

    Brenda Leigh Johnson: Well, because, Will, I know a little something about admiring the boss and finding out he's not the guy you thought he was.

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