The Closer "They take you in and she'll let you say it all"

2022-06-22 23:01
Brenda Leigh Johnson, a blonde beauty, is a Deputy chief constable transferred from Atlanta to Los Angeles . Brenda's department is the LAPD that deals with some high-profile and very sensitive murders. In this male field, how will Brenda, who stands at the highest peak, conquer a group of brave and combative men? And how did these proud big men stand in front of her and speak for her in a critical moment?
Brenda's talent is only appreciated when you walk into that interrogation room. No matter how solid your mouth is, as long as you have a secret, beautiful Brenda will keep you talking.
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The Closer quotes

  • Brenda Leigh Johnson: Are you trying to encourage me or make me nervous?

    Asst. Police Chief Will Pope: I'm just trying to figure out why you're so damn confident you can get this woman to help you.

    Brenda Leigh Johnson: Well, because, Will, I know a little something about admiring the boss and finding out he's not the guy you thought he was.

  • Brenda Leigh Johnson: Do I look hurt to you, Will?

    Asst. Police Chief Will Pope: No. Unless I'm mistaken, that's your angry face.

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