The Jacket movie plot

2021-12-11 08:01
Jack Starks was a U.S. Marine Corps soldier who was unfortunately shot in the head in the 1991 Gulf War. Although he was rescued and saved his life, he was left with the aftermath of amnesia. Although healed from injury, the shadow of amnesia still lingers. After retiring, Starks had nowhere to go, so he had to go back to his hometown of Vermont without any relatives.
Nine months later, Starks hitchhiked on the snow-covered Vermont highway. On the way, he saw a broken down truck trapped on the side of the road. The driver was a woman named Jean, drunk and unconscious, with his 8-year-old daughter Jackie. Starks helped the mother and daughter restart the car, and gave the little girl a dog tag that they used to identify themselves when they were soldiers. Then I got on a station wagon bound for the Canadian border. However, soon after their car was intercepted by the police, Starks fainted inexplicably. When he woke up, he found himself sitting in a small town court. He was regarded as a fugitive murder suspect by the police. Because Starks was considered a mental disorder, he could not be convicted, but he was taken to a place called Alpine Grove, an institution that studies crimes by mental patients. Dr. Thomas Baker asked him to accept a series of clinical treatments, including mental resuscitation medication and physical compulsory treatment for depression and phobia. After taking the medicine, Starks was put on the bondage of a mental patient and imprisoned in the morgue in the underground morgue.
In the drawer of the morgue, Starks, who was overwhelmed by darkness, began to see fragments of past memories. From the war to the young man who drove and shot the police officer, he put the fragments of past memories together, trying to perceive the present. Situation. The past is the key to the future. Starks’ memory suddenly crossed over to a restaurant in Vermont in 2007. He met a waitress named Jackie, she was exactly what Starks had met on the highway. little girl. It was Christmas Eve, and the kind Jackie hoped to find a place for poor Starks, but the shelters for the homeless were overcrowded. Later, Starks was taken by Jackie at home. Feelings even developed between the two. In addition, he actually found out that he would die on New Year's Day in 1993. As time passed in the dark, Starks began to realize that the drawer was the secret to recovering memories, and his future and peace were in the hands of Jackie who had met and fell in love later   .
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    The song mad praises Yabulian for being handsome, and I can still see brother Daniel Craig.

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    The incomplete theme & script between "Jacob's ladder" and "betterfly", if it weren't for adrien, the film would not last

The Jacket quotes

  • Jack Starks: I was 27 years old the first time I died.

  • Dr. Thomas Becker: You can't break something that's already broken.

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