The Seventh Continent movie plot

2022-03-16 08:01
The plot of The Seventh Continent is said to be based on true events.
The life of modern people is like this step by step, especially the middle class is the most typical. The protagonists of the story are the father, mother and daughter of a middle-class family. Their income is obviously not only enough to meet food and clothing, and the relationship between family members is also very harmonious, so on the surface, the family is very happy.
Their lives are very regular. Mom wakes her daughter up in the morning, then washes her face, brushes her teeth and eats breakfast, like most people do. The garage door opens twice a day, Dad drives out in the morning and drives home from get off work in the evening. Dads, moms, and many urbanites have long been accustomed to repeating this every day. But her daughter is still young, her life should be colorful and full of surprises, not only at school but also at home. The rigidity of the middle class made her feel ignored and she couldn't stand it, so one day she suddenly pretended to be blind to get everyone's attention.
This act of the daughter caused the adults to think. Middle-class parents realize that like most of their kind, work and making money are their primary goals, they work hard just for the work itself, and they work hard to make money just for the money itself. Their lives have become neither challenging nor interesting after everything is well established. They just exist, but they don't live.
They even feel isolated. But look at other people around, don't they run along the trajectory of life in the same way? With the weapon of "endurance", "monotony" is no longer a strong enemy in life.
Like many middle-class families, this family lives with a blank face, only occasionally weeping for those sadness and frustration. But this family is different from other families because they decided to break free.
On a very ordinary day, the father, mother, and daughter decided to smash their home without communicating verbally. Dad bought pliers, hammers, saws and other tools, and the family tore the furniture to pieces. The thrill of destruction gave them unprecedented satisfaction, and even so they did not cheer or sing. They never had the chance to sing again, because what was going to destroy next was their own life, which they had decided long ago.
The TV is on, but there is no signal on the screen. The appearance of sensuality is removed, and what remains is a snowflake and noise, which is the physical nature of TV. This TV screen with no signal is the last shot of the movie. 
There is no murderer in this family of three tragedy. If there is, it is modern life itself. But no court is in charge of trying it.
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Extended Reading
  • Cecile 2022-03-20 09:03:08

    8.3 It seems to be exploring the destructive tendencies in the human heart. The boring work, unchanging life and ubiquitous collective consciousness in the over-commodified modern society seem to give us many reasons not to live anymore. It also makes sense; I've always liked Haneke's cool, direct and brutal shots, extreme and unrestrained.

  • Elinore 2022-03-20 09:03:08

    Maybe Foxconn employees can understand the film.

The Seventh Continent quotes

  • Anna Schober: Have you gone mad?

    Evi Schober: Have you gone mad? Why?

    Anna Schober: Why? How come you say you're blind? Are you mad?

    Evi Schober: I didn't.

    Anna Schober: You didn't? Your teacher made it up? Answer me.

    Evi Schober: I never said that.

    Anna Schober: Look at me. Come on, tell me, did you pretend to be blind? Come on, tell me. I just want to know the truth. Come on. Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you. Is it true? Did you pretend to be blind?

    Evi Schober: Yes.

    [Anna slaps Evi in the face]

  • Anna Schober: Did you like the Mickey your uncle Alex brought you? He loves you very much. You know that? Me too. Do you feel alone sometimes? Do you love dad and me?

    [Evi hugs her mother]

    Anna Schober: Okay, time to say your prayers.

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