New York Stories movie plot

2022-03-16 08:01
Xiao Xin, who thinks she is simple, didn't expect her feelings to become so complicated.
She was married and had a car accident half a year ago. Fortunately, there was no danger to her life, but the strong impact made her have to undergo frequent rehabilitation treatment, and the process of claiming and litigating with the other party was also very cumbersome. Fortunately, at this time, she Her husband Dajun's cousin Zhongyue is a lawyer who provides her with many suggestions and help in a timely manner.
Xiaoxin's husband is still very childish and not someone who can handle trivial matters. Zhongyue's carefulness and gentleness have become an irresistible attraction for Xiaoxin. Zhongyue's marriage is not happy. Cousin-in-law is a woman with a loud voice and a fierce personality, and is famous among relatives and friends. The introverted and quiet Xiaoxin also has a unique charm for Zhongyue. He also introduced the restoration teacher to Xiaoxin, and silently assumed the responsibility of picking up and dropping off.
Zhongyue first expressed his intentions. Once when he was sending Xiaoxin home, he suddenly said in her ear: "As soon as you leave, I will start thinking of you." Xiaoxin's heart was shaken heavily. At that time, Xiaoxin understood that in this relationship, it was completely impossible to brake.
The two secretly start dating, but both carry risks. If this relationship is exposed, it will only turn into a scandal, and the two will inevitably have no relatives and friends, and I am afraid it will become an incestuous affair in a small corner of the social news page.
"I know it shouldn't, but I can't control my feelings. The more I like Zhongyue, the more I can't bear to get along with the majesty. Every day I go home and see his face, it's a torture to me. What should I do? What to do?" Some relationships, although indecent, but the person involved is serious, they will think "I found my true love at this moment", and it is very difficult for him to pretend to be okay to maintain the original marital status, especially for women.
Even if there is another relationship, a man can negatively regard himself as an unheard wooden man when he returns to his home; a woman can no longer treat her partner with the original attitude.
The easiest time for a woman to grow in love is with the person who stretches out a strong arm to help her when she is in trouble. After all, a woman longs for a hero to save beauty. When she needs people's care and help most, if the other half cannot provide adequate comfort and assistance, her heart will shift unknowingly.
A woman's heart that has been transferred is the most difficult thing in the world to return to its original state.
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  • Myrtle 2022-03-26 09:01:14

    Woody Allen's part is quite funny, haha, her mother can really think about it = = I like the first part and the second part, but I don't know much about it.

  • Green 2022-03-26 09:01:14

    Woody Allen, this crazy old man, makes me laugh at the screen for a long time every time. The first story is the best.

New York Stories quotes

  • Zoe: [to her mother about her Joan Crawford-styled dress] A woman shouldn't have bigger shoulders than a man.

  • Zoe: How's everything?

    Claudio: Well, in life there are always a few problems... but things are not so bad.

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