The Shaggy Dog movie plot

2022-03-21 08:01
In Dave's heart (Tim Allen), work always comes first, and his family and children have to give way to his career. If it weren't for this accident, maybe he would never realize the importance of his family.
Dave investigates after receiving a case of animal experiments, and unexpectedly deals with a long-haired dog: the long-haired dog bites him, and spreads him a bizarre virus that re-engineered his genes. Now, Dave has become Shaggy, and Shaggy has become Dave. Their lives are also exchanged. No one in the family knows that the pitiful and cute long-haired dog is his relative. Dave can only live a dog-like life, watching the long-haired dog with zero IQ occupying him. The position of the head of the family.
What's even more worrying is that Dave, who became a dog, finally had time to watch how his family lived, and finally realized that he had given them too little love in the past. But in Dave's current situation, it seems that there is only regret.
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The Shaggy Dog quotes

  • Dr. Kozak: Don't you morons realize I can make us all immortal?

  • Larry: Oh my God, it's a trap.

    Dr. Gwen Lichtman: Dogs don't set traps.

    Larry: Yeah, well, dogs don't live 300 years either.

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