The Sorcerer and the White Snake opposite

2022-07-17 22:14
The visual effects and action scenes of the film are somewhat out of touch with the characters' emotions   ; compared to the special effects, the emotional scenes are weak, and compared with the white snake scenes, Fa Hai's scenes appear too much; the love between the white snake and Xu Xian in the film is too much In a hurry, the drama of women chasing men is a bit exaggerated, and the graceful and generous white lady has become a strange woman with a flamboyant personality   .
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The Sorcerer and the White Snake quotes

  • Xu Xian: Can meet with you, I don't what good luck had struck me. Just because of your single kiss I believe that the wheels of fate had turned. Just because of that moment, the moment was filled with sweet and happiness. From now on, every minute and every moment, I will protect you always and let you happy for life.

  • White Snake: Before I saw you I meditated for a thousand years, but those thousand years are worth less than a moment with you.

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