Tidal Wave behind the scenes gags

2022-03-02 08:01
● The film is the first disaster film in Korean film history. 
● The investment of the film is as high as 15 billion won, which is the highest production cost of a Korean domestic film in 2008. 
● The theme of the film was inspired by Korean essayist Pi Chun-deok's article on "karma". 
● Director Je-gyun Yun hopes to bring Busan's 해운대 to the world through this film. Yoon Jae Kyun is from the countryside of Busan, and since he started making movies, he has dreamed of making a movie with Busan as the background. 
● In one scene, Je-gyun Yun poured 10 tons of water over the actors, and as a result, many people were drowned and almost had an accident. After the filming was over, Director Yin said, "I don't know, there is so much water in 10 tons." The actors were dumbfounded. 
● Jang Sung-ho, who is in charge of CG on the Korean side, said, "Although the CG data source related to the production of the flood was obtained from the United States, the rest of the work was done by the Korean side, including the efforts of more than 200 domestic employees of the three companies." 
● "해운대" released a two-minute promotional video at the Hong Kong Film Festival held in March 2009, which attracted the attention of filmmakers from all over Asia, and was purchased by filmmakers from 11 countries including India, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. copyright of "해운대". The copyright has been sold to four countries including the Czech Republic and Turkey at the Berlin Film Festival held in February. 
● The film paid for itself in just 10 days. 
● At the end of July 2009, the video suffered an online leak after the number of viewers exceeded 10 million. 
● The film originally designed the scene of the flood rushing into the subway, but it was preemptively used by the Hollywood blockbuster " Knowing " and had to be abandoned. 
● Actors Sol Kyung-gu and Ha Ji Won who joined the film are willing to take a pay cut for the film. During the filming of the entire crew, they lived in small hotels, which could not meet the accommodation standards of ordinary stars. Sol Kyung-gu's assistant also found ants crawling around in the room. 
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Tidal Wave quotes

  • Helicopter Pilot: We need to adjust those settings, this doesn't look right.

    Emergency Room Intern: James, James! James! We need to look at this. Something strange.

    [He shows the man the paper]

    Helicopter Pilot: Oh my god!

    Emergency Room Intern: Why am I jumping to this? Just listen up! Move the people somewhere higher okay! It's the Tsunami!

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