Tidal Wave movie plot

2022-03-02 08:01
In the tranquil South Korea Busan해운대 lives a native Man-sik, who has lived on a fishing boat since he was a child and has been partnering with his most reliant father, Yeon-hee. Unexpectedly, history happened in 2004. In the most shocking Indonesian tsunami in the past, the two people who were on a fishing boat in the Indian Ocean at the time caused the death of Yeon-hee's father due to Wan-sik's misjudgment. This incident made Wan-sik, who had been secretly in love with Yeon-hee, feel guilty because of guilt. I never dared to express my love. One day, Man-sik finally got up his courage and decided to confess to Yeon-hee and prepared a very romantic proposal. However, Yeon-hee's middle school classmate Oh Dong-chun (played by Kim In-kwon) is not optimistic about the pair. Wan Shi's younger brother, Hyung Shikis a lifeguard at sea. During an operation, he met a wealthy lady, Kim Hee Mi. Many misunderstandings.
On the other hand, Virginpromotes 해운대 to become an ambassador for the World Expo's tourist attractions. She has a daughter with her ex-husband, Jin Hui, a geologist at the International Institute of Oceanography , but she has now found another lover. Jin Hui found that the geological conditions of the East China Sea surrounding the island of Malaysia and 해운대 were very consistent with the tsunami that occurred in Indonesia in 2004. Dr. Jin was disturbed and repeatedly suggested that the tsunami might occur in South Korea, but the Disaster Prevention Agency ignored his advice and judgment, emphasizing that South Korea It is impossible for a tsunami-like event to occur, and Dr. Jin can only bear the hidden worries himself. Unexpectedly, the shape of the East China Sea began to show an unpredictable state of change. Dr. Jin's prediction became a reality, but the defense at this moment had come too late. Millions of people who came to 해운대 for summer vacations and those who lived peacefully had no idea that a horrific disaster that would destroy the entire 해운대 was coming. The happiness of the family of three lovers Wan Shik and Yeon Hee, who had just determined each other's hearts, Dr. Kim, his wife, and his daughterwere washed away by this relentless tsunami. 
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  • Jasmin 2022-03-21 09:03:20

    The dubbed version of the dog's blood is too scary

  • Garfield 2022-03-21 09:03:20

    South Korea contributed its own excellent CG and made a lot of clichés together to squeeze out a touch of qualified commercial film!

Tidal Wave quotes

  • Helicopter Pilot: We need to adjust those settings, this doesn't look right.

    Emergency Room Intern: James, James! James! We need to look at this. Something strange.

    [He shows the man the paper]

    Helicopter Pilot: Oh my god!

    Emergency Room Intern: Why am I jumping to this? Just listen up! Move the people somewhere higher okay! It's the Tsunami!

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