Tidal Wave The literary drama does not change the characteristics of Korean dramas

2022-03-02 08:01
The overall model of "해운대" is completely Hollywood, and only two points remain the characteristics of Korean films, that is, funny and sensational.
The three pairs of protagonists have their own sensational scenes: the earthquake expert and the daughter who does not know her identity recognize each other at a critical moment. The plot is absolutely touching, but when the camera stops endlessly at the life-saving platform that completely copied "Titanic" and is off the ground The picture can only arouse the tediousness of moving people. The same problem also appeared in the pair of lifeguard and wealthy girl. The previous encounter between the two was enough nonsense. In the end, the nature of the lifeguard's self-sacrifice theory has nothing to do with feelings. After all, he saved a male partner who had nothing to do with the other party. Carry forward the professional spirit, can not be called great love. The protagonists Yanxi and Wanzhi are relatively good in this respect. The two climb up in the danger of electric shock in the water can be called the most emotional part of the whole film. The tension is almost equal to the top blockbuster, but it may be the scene. Not enough, there is still danger to come together, and then Wanzhi had to be swept away by the flood again, so like several other protagonists, he published again "I have always wanted to tell you something, but I haven't said it, today I I'm finally going to tell you." The long-winded last words of this kind of grand discussion have destroyed the relative perfection of this line as a whole.
But to sum up, the shortcomings of the film are all subsections, and the disaster film mode and scene creation in the major sections are very skillful.
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Tidal Wave quotes

  • Helicopter Pilot: We need to adjust those settings, this doesn't look right.

    Emergency Room Intern: James, James! James! We need to look at this. Something strange.

    [He shows the man the paper]

    Helicopter Pilot: Oh my god!

    Emergency Room Intern: Why am I jumping to this? Just listen up! Move the people somewhere higher okay! It's the Tsunami!

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