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2022-07-16 13:01
"Tabletop Soccer" is adapted from the famous short story "Memoirs of a Right Forward". It tells the story of Amadeo, a young football genius who encounters a crisis of destruction in a small town. After his close lover is defeated by his former men, he Comrades-in-arms who once fought together: The tabletop football puppet was "resurrected" by chance and formed a "tabletop football" with the protagonist, overcoming difficulties, saving the town, regaining the lover and finally realizing the dream. In the film, the "cute young generals" will use their "skills" in arranging troops to help the protagonist achieve victory. The cute generals and the main generals "hold small hands and big hands", in this originally peaceful town, a "fantastic storm" is about to usher in.
In addition to the strong plot and characters as the support, the exquisite pictures are also very eye-catching. One of the highlights of "Tabletop Football" is the extremely sophisticated 3D animation effect. The imagination of the behind-the-scenes production team is also displayed in the film. The 3D action scenes are also quite realistic. The movie has made great efforts in the aspects of picture and music, and it is full of highlights. There is such a professional technical team to ensure that the "challengers" full of "cool" and "dumb" temperament will definitely be presented on the big screen in the most perfect way. Expand. On September 5th, the Mid-Autumn Festival schedule, this 3D fantasy animation film with full of attention will become the first choice for domestic audiences to watch movies together with their families.
The famous domestic dubbing group Huaixiubang joined the Chinese dubbing of "Tabletop Football". Its humorous dubbing style and dubbing elements closely follow the current trend, such as: Can't Stop, Long-legged Oppa, Mengmeng, Killing Horse Special, Shang Toutiao, and contracting fish ponds all appear in the lines of the movie, and the most popular Divine Comedy "Little Apple" also appears in it.  
The biggest highlight of the film is the "dumb little man" who wakes up with the help of 3D effects. In the process of embarking on a fantastic adventure with the protagonist Amadeo, he is infinitely playing tricks and doing amazing tricks. Under the unstoppable crazy imagination of the animation special effects production team, the "teenagers" in front of the camera began to play crazy and cool, and at the same time started a hilarious battle plan, which really made a lot of jokes. In the 98-minute film with ups and downs of laughter, the "burden" created by the "teenagers" all the time made the audience unable to stop. In addition to the consistent comedy elements, there are also warm and touching scenes in the story of "The Challenger", which can be described as "smiles" and "tears".  
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  • Skip: Your cosmic mumbo-jumbo's finally making sense to me, Ziggy.

    Ziggy: Aw thanks Skip, you really mean it?

    Skip: Not really.

  • [first lines]

    Narrator: At the dawn of time, a profound discovery was made about our planet. It was boring. But boredom makes you think. And thinking gives you ideas. And what was the first idea? I'll tell you what the first idea was. "Must... kick... ball." Soccer made us compete. And soccer made us work together. More or less. In other words, it made us... human. Soccer isn't just a game. It's who we are.

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