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2022-07-16 13:15
  • Argentine director Juan José Campanella challenged a whole new field after winning the 2010 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film: 3D animation.
  • The film, co-produced by Argentina and Spain, is based on the short story "Memoirs of a Right Forward" by Roberto Fontanarrosa.
  • The film is an attempt at animation in the capital of Campanella, and the right-hand man he found is Sergio Pablos, a senior Spanish animator.
  • The film was co-produced by Spain and Argentina, two countries with the greatest professional football leagues and greatest football stars in the world today. It's a pity that its protagonist doesn't look like Messi, but his slender legs still proclaim his football talent.
  • Several keywords related to football: team, dream, technology, luck, are all shown in the film. 
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Underdogs quotes

  • Skip: Your cosmic mumbo-jumbo's finally making sense to me, Ziggy.

    Ziggy: Aw thanks Skip, you really mean it?

    Skip: Not really.

  • [first lines]

    Narrator: At the dawn of time, a profound discovery was made about our planet. It was boring. But boredom makes you think. And thinking gives you ideas. And what was the first idea? I'll tell you what the first idea was. "Must... kick... ball." Soccer made us compete. And soccer made us work together. More or less. In other words, it made us... human. Soccer isn't just a game. It's who we are.

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