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2022-07-16 21:37
"Table Soccer" has a strong behind-the-scenes production team. The director of the film, Juan José Campanella, is a Spanish national treasure director. In 2010, he won the Oscar for best foreign language film with the movie "Mysterious Eyes", and swept major European awards at the same time. And the founder of the movie "Despicable Me" series, the father of "Minions", Gio Pablos, is the producer of the film, and "Tabletop Football" also follows the "Despicable Me" "Stay" Cuteness". The production team of "Rio Adventure", one of Hollywood's best-selling animated films, has also joined. "Table Soccer" is escorted by the Hollywood gold medal behind-the-scenes team. The excellent production and good plot make the film attractive before it is released. eyeball. Authoritative magazines such as The Hollywood Reporter also rated the film as the most anticipated Hollywood 3D animated film of the year.
"Tabletop Soccer" not only assembled a Hollywood behind-the-scenes production team, but also the film's global distributor, Universal Pictures, which has produced "Despicable Me" and "Fast and Furious" series. The film brings together the highest-grossing elements of commercial films such as fantasy, action, and adventure. 
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  • Skip: Your cosmic mumbo-jumbo's finally making sense to me, Ziggy.

    Ziggy: Aw thanks Skip, you really mean it?

    Skip: Not really.

  • [first lines]

    Narrator: At the dawn of time, a profound discovery was made about our planet. It was boring. But boredom makes you think. And thinking gives you ideas. And what was the first idea? I'll tell you what the first idea was. "Must... kick... ball." Soccer made us compete. And soccer made us work together. More or less. In other words, it made us... human. Soccer isn't just a game. It's who we are.

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