Underdogs movie plot

2022-07-16 17:27
In a quiet and peaceful town in South America, teenager Amadeoobsessed with table football in a bar, and his skills win the heart of a girl Lauraand defeat arrogance. Young Grosso. In the past few years, the children have grown up, and Amadeo has not changed his love for tabletop football. Even if Laura is about to go to study abroad, he can't find the right words to deal with. On this day, Grosso, who had already become an international star, suddenly returned with a high profile. He bought the town and planned to build a luxurious Cosmic Galaxy Stadium here. Grosso took the lead in overthrowing the bar that had humiliated him, and took Laura away, despite the opposition of the villagers. Amadeo wept bitterly, but the table football captain made of wood suddenly came to life. Facing this group of old comrades who have fought shoulder to shoulder for many years, Amadeo seems to be determined to save Laura and the town. 
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Underdogs quotes

  • Skip: Your cosmic mumbo-jumbo's finally making sense to me, Ziggy.

    Ziggy: Aw thanks Skip, you really mean it?

    Skip: Not really.

  • [first lines]

    Narrator: At the dawn of time, a profound discovery was made about our planet. It was boring. But boredom makes you think. And thinking gives you ideas. And what was the first idea? I'll tell you what the first idea was. "Must... kick... ball." Soccer made us compete. And soccer made us work together. More or less. In other words, it made us... human. Soccer isn't just a game. It's who we are.

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