White Dog movie plot

2022-04-10 08:01
Actress Julieis driving home late at night when she accidentally hits a huge, snow-white German Shepherd. After some treatment, Julie had to take the dog home because she could not find the owner of the dog. After getting along for a while, especially after White Dog rescued Julie from the thugs, she gradually fell in love with this very human big White Dog. But the accident happened, and White Dog began to show strong aggression towards black people. Whenever there is a black man, White Dog will show his sharp teeth and pounce on it. It turns out that White Dog has been brutally trained since he was a child, and will fight for his life as long as he sees a black man. Julie couldn't bear to kill White Dog and had to send him to the animal training center to find a solution. A black trainerhopes to change the habits of White Dog. After paying a great deal of patience and price, White Dog can finally get along with black people in peace, but an accident happened   .
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White Dog quotes

  • Roland Gray: You got a four-legged time bomb!

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