Yossi & Jagger behind the scenes gags

2022-07-11 19:50
  • During the filming of the film, there were many difficulties, and it was strictly blocked by the Israeli military, but the filming was finally completed successfully   .
  • Every day on the set, Yeh Dahlavi and Ohak Knoll took the opportunity to hold hands or pat each other on the shoulders to cultivate a long-familiar relationship. And these little actions not only made the staff at the scene mistaken for a ghost, but even the girlfriends of Yehe Dalevy couldn't help but ask Yehe Dalevy who he really loved. The two of Knoll couldn't make sense.
  • The scene of the two making love in the original script is to jump into the pond and take a bath together. Ye and Dalevy also practiced their muscles diligently because of this. As a result, it snowed heavily during the filming, and the scene of the two playing wild food had to be changed to the snow. 
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