Yossi & Jagger evaluation action

2022-07-11 16:06
The whole story of the film takes place in one day and one night, and the time span is very small, but it does not affect the touching degree of the film. The film shows true gay feelings in the trenches of the beacon fire, which moves the audience, and the tear-jerking index is comparable to that of "Blue Yu". The film is a romantic feature film that depicts the sincere feelings between sergeants and soldiers in the Israeli army. The audience was too focused on Kong Ji's frown and smile in the movie "The King's Man", and selectively ignored the companionship. Kong Ji's image of a masculine man is different, while the gay image in "Yossi and Jagger" is relatively masculine. The two protagonists are soldiers on the border between Palestine and Israel. Like other soldiers, it is their duty to protect their families and the country. Therefore, it can be said that the film has raised the topic of homosexuality to a higher level in the choice of subject matter.       
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