underground kiss

Ford 2022-10-12 10:58:44

tell you, i finally finished, of course there is a version with subtitles. It took nearly 48 hours to download the version without subtitles... After crying and crying, I forgot to watch it again.

The movie is about what happened in one day. The incident has already made people feel the most intense love and the fragility of life. The blaze of the former belongs to all human beings, while the sadness of the latter belongs especially to soldiers, Israeli soldiers.

If the beautiful picture of love on the snow is not unforgettable, At least it makes people feel soft, warm, and have the impulse to love at that moment.

Underground love, there must be hardships, if not for this reason, it must be because of insufficient love. I believe that Yossi and Jagger did this because of hardships; in fact, I want to say it's because of Yossi's cowardice, but
he loves Jagger very much and lost Jagger in the end, so instead of mocking him for doing it himself, I choose to cast a pitiful look at him and comfort him. When will the light of day? The love between two men, in most cases, will be dark forever. Therefore, I admire Jagger's courage, and at the same time, I envy his optimism and innocence. I have a future for my love I think it is much luckier and happier than giving up true love under all kinds of obstacles.
It is very exciting. When I stand guard, my boyfriend handed me dessert and smiled and watched myself eat it. The next second will be May be broken; ambushed in the grass, secretly touching his hand, it is likely to be discovered by colleagues next to him. Since he chose "underground", then others will show affection and embrace their lover in every possible way. In his eyes, he can only hate in his heart; when he needs it, he should be the first to stand up, but he has to give way to others, so he can only be anxious... Who made you choose to be in love? ?Underground love, very exciting, but also too aggrieved.

Just when I thought that the ambush could end and everyone could go back to spend a peaceful and happy day, he was attacked. The only person who died was not someone else, but his "favorite". Although I was prepared to cry, I didn't expect myself It will be so emotional. I understand, I am crying for a love that should have been happy but failed, I am crying for the love that Yossi can no longer have for Jagger Taibai's heart so strong, I am crying because Jagger has not Had the chance to open a room with Yossi in a hotel with a double bed instead of two singles and left and cried...sorry, filled every tear I had.
But, I was also wondering if Jagger Not killed in the war, is Yossi willing to turn his love from the ground to the ground?
There is no answer to the question, because Jagger is gone, forever.

The seriously injured Jagger's eyes are empty and cover the ground, as if he saw that he has gone out of body Soul, Yossi kept talking to him hoping to keep his soul, even if it was just for one more second. Unfortunately, Jagger left after all, and he didn't even have time to close his eyes. Yossi, did it for him without hesitation in front of everyone Artificial respiration. In vain. Looking at the person he loves turned into a corpse, Yossi confessed his love, holding Jagger's face in his hands, and Yossi kissed deeply. The kiss on the
ground was realized, but it was a pity that only Jagger witnessed There is still the body of Yu Wen.

"When you meet the person you love, you must pursue it hard and do your best; I would rather have loved the pain than leave any regrets." Who said this to me.
"Jingairu has pursued it. Please cherish it well, hold each other's hands and walk in the sunshine to accept people's blessings." I said to the underground lovers. There will never

be sunny days in the underground, so why not kiss on the ground bravely.

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