Yossi & Jagger movie plot

2022-07-11 23:36
Early in the morning, in the snow-covered mountains, a pair of Israeli soldiers were digging pits near their barracks to bury a large amount of corrupt food. Captain Yossgoes out on tour with the warrior Leo. Leo is handsome, and his comrades call him by the name of a certain star, Jaeger Yoss and Jaeger are a secretive gay couple who soon turn their patrol into a date in the snow, and Jaeger, who is about to be discharged from the army, reveals his future travel plans to Yoss. Officer Zu Lu brought two female soldiers, Gaudi and Ye Li, to the barracks and arranged an ambush mission that night. The soldiers had a hastily assembled lunch, and some people told jokes about homosexuality. Ye Li was interested in Jijia but never confessed. The soldiers who knew the inside story tried to warn Ye Li in order to get close to Ye Li, but to no avail. In the evening, the team was dispatched to perform the task, and the sudden exchange of fire in the night brought a sad ending   .
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Yossi & Jagger quotes

  • Yossi: I Don't Believe It

    Lior Amichai 'Jagger': What can I say?

    Lior Amichai 'Jagger': I'm an animal

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