too beautiful, too far

Lavonne 2022-07-11 14:52:27

Forty-eight hours have passed since I watched this movie. In fact, I am not very satisfied with this statement of myself. I should say that it has been forty-eight hours since I watched this movie for the second time.
When I think about it again, lio's eyelashes are the thing that impressed me the most. Long, shining pure light in love and sunlight. And Yossi's smile, the coldness in front of others, all melted in front of lio. He can even send a small piece of dessert to lio, who is on duty at the post, in the cold wind. I always feel that this love is too beautiful and too far away.
Geographic idiot, doesn't know much about the location of Israel. A friend said that Israel is in Europe, and a search only found out that they are actually in West Asia. Almost every day you hear about Israel on the radio or TV news, nothing more than the smoke of war, killing and hatred. Human civilization has developed to this level, I don't know if it is sad. And here, apart from war, soldiers, and guns, I see different expressions of love.
The film is shockingly short, but the richness of its story is not compromised. The emotional entanglement between several pairs of young people, the different attitudes of different girls towards sex and love, the repression and resentment of the youth in the army, the heroic friendship between the soldiers, the mother's ignorance of the son, the love between the same people different attitudes...many, many.
I still saw the poster of this movie on the cover of Fan Popo's classmate's book. At that time, I only thought that the actor's profile was very similar to Hugh Jackman, and it was beautiful. Later, I learned about walk on water by accident, followed the director to find this "yossi & jagger", found what I needed by accident, and made a small dream come true. Before watching the movie, I read a lot of comments about the movie and the mood of netizens after watching the movie. When a lot of people express their emotions, I didn't have much hope for the movie.
The first time I watched it, it was after 6 o'clock in the afternoon. The version below doesn't have Chinese subtitles, and I don't understand Hebrew. Facing the Chinese subtitles, I listened sentence by sentence, just moved. The beauty and indulgence of two people in the snow, and the loveliness and innocence of lio, shocked me, I felt like an angel, really like an angel. When they had a little disagreement before the ambush, when lio left Yossi's room sadly, he was still a little sad; the ambush was about to end, and only half an hour before the sunrise, lio had to leave. I was more shocked than sad when he said "It's like a fucking American movie", does it have to be like that? Does it have to end in death?
That night, the torrential rain fell sharply, and the crackling sound kept recalling in my ears. When I recall their stories again, I can't remember anything. In addition to the play in the snow, in addition to the little rabbit, in addition to the last yossi smile. So decided to watch it again. This time it is much smoother, and the Chinese subtitles can match more than 90%. Then I know the crazy love between them, the rabbit costume, the girl's love for jagger, and the helplessness of my mother. And what I know best is lio's smile, the smile when I see yossi and the smile when yossi sees him. They smiled and were envious.
Only Yossi calls him lio, everyone else calls him jagger. A certain part of him belongs only to yossi.
At the end, when he reluctantly left in his arms, and he finally said "I love you", it was all over. The end is like a damn American movie. I still think of him stupidly asking, "If I don't have a leg, will you still love me?" "If I blow up half of my face and lose my eyes, will you still love me?" I still think of it, "Think of the good memories, think about our trip to the East, think about the queen size I promised"...
At the end, Yossi looked at lio's bunny outfit and smiled. Actually I was thinking what it would be like if lio went home with him and looked at the photo album with him.
Life is not a movie, and I want to live like a movie.

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