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    • Gregorio 2022-07-18 18:58:24

      Vientiane cycle of change goes back and forth

      When I was 19, I hadn't read a few philosophy books, and my mind was barren, although it's pretty much the same now. At that time, I recorded this on Weibo:

      "After reading it, I didn't understand what he wanted to convey. Because of organ donation, three unrelated people were strung together, and...

    • Ewell 2022-07-18 18:36:20

      In his world ... all existing beings are equal.

      In his world, not only all human(being)s are equal, but all existing beings are equal.
      That is to say, to him not only human beings are equal, but not human beings are equal - as small as ants, as small as bacteria ,cell. This is the classic Jain teaching.

      The court trial of the monk suing the...

    Ship of Theseus quotes

    • Aaliya Kamal: A frog once asked a centipede how is it able to walk on a hundred feet, so gracefully synchronized while the frog finds it difficult to manage even two. The centipede took a moment to analyze its own walk and was baffled. So as it tried to walk further its feet got entangled and it tripped.

    • Maitreya: There was an island and you were to be reborn as a tormentor or a slave. The tormentor would make life hell for you, will give infinite pain to you and your kin, just for his pleasure. And he had no remorse over his actions to crush his victim. Add to that there was no karma, no soul, no retribution, no being responsible for your actions. And you had to choose any one of them. Who would you be?