The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music

  • Director: Robert Wise
  • Writer: George Hurdalek,Howard Lindsay,Russel Crouse
  • Countries of origin: United States
  • Language: English, German
  • Release date: April 1, 1965
  • Runtime: 2h 52min
  • Aspect ratio: 2.39 : 1
  • Also known as: Rodgers and Hammerstein's the Sound of Music
  • "The Sound of Music" is a musical film directed by Robert Wise and starring Julie Andrews Edwards and Christopher Plummer . The film was released on March 29, 1965 in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland .
    The film tells the story of the nun Maria going to Colonel Trapp’s house to be a tutor, and quickly getting along with the colonel’s 7 children. Under Maria’s guidance, the colonel gradually changed his attitude towards the children and developed feelings with Maria. Story   .
    The film won five awards including best picture and best director at the 38th Academy Awards   .


    • Release date April 1, 1965
    • Filming locations Felsenreitschule, Salzburg, Austria
    • Production companies Robert Wise Productions, Argyle Enterprises

    Box office


    $8,200,000 (estimated)

    Gross US & Canada


    Opening weekend US & Canada


    Gross worldwide


    Movie reviews

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    • By Emmanuel 2022-04-23 07:01:26

      First time watching The Sound of Music

      From nature to religion, from human feelings to national love, music is really great. The nun brought self-love and love for the family with music, Do Re Mi, so happy, so happy, but what I didn't expect is that Edelweiss has sublimated from the nursery rhyme in my heart to the great love of the country. I'm intoxicated by their music, nervous for their escape, and happy for their future. 55 years have passed, but the voice is still in my ears, every sentence is moved, and I...

    • By Dominique 2022-04-23 07:01:26

      distant memories

      Watching another film "The Sound of Music" after more than 40 years, the emotion is still and timeless. Perhaps, the film once left behind the pictures of characters who touched the depths of the soul, and the soul was serene and peaceful because of their comfort; The sustenance and precious memories are concentrated in the flying melody.
      The director used a dreamlike brush of light and shadow to describe the unique Austrian scenery on the screen, and used the majestic Alps, the vast green...

    • By Amani 2022-04-23 07:01:26

      Guangzhou Zhongshan Hall stage performance, don't miss it

      Good-looking, great value, you will know when you see it. . No words are used to describe it, it seems flimsy. Maybe this is art. Only by visiting it in person can you know the inner taste.
      In addition to singing in English (with Chinese subtitles) by Western singers and actors, the performance in Guangzhou was accompanied by a Broadway orchestra, in order to allow the audience to enjoy the original performance and to maintain the authenticity of the play. The style of the music makes the...

    • By Elinore 2022-04-23 07:01:26

      music from life

      Putting this movie in the category of classic movies, I don't think there should be any criticism.

      Many years ago, I followed this film into the world of music, and since then I have been constantly practicing and trying to figure it out. From musical instruments to vocal music, from music theory knowledge to self-composed music. All the hardships along the way cannot be attributed to this.
      Live like summer flowers and bloom in spring. It is a pity that contemporary movies are...

    • By Jayde 2022-04-23 07:01:26

      Sing for beauty, freedom, life

      "Yunling sent Cui, just for the sound of the sound of nature, my heart is so excited, just for it to pick up a short piece of music, my heart is ecstatic, like a bird with new feathers flying away, from the lakeside to the branch high perched, I am ecstatic. My heart murmurs like a bell, slowly coming from the church on the wind, laughter is like a gentle stream, meandering and flowing, flowing under the rocks..."

      I used to read "The Sound of Music" and thought it was like...

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    • By Jade 2022-09-16 14:42:20

      Duolaimi, Duolaimi, Duolaimi is shivering. Forever Doremi, Edelweiss, and curtain cloth for clothes. And the sheep sheep song when the children played the puppet...

    • By Stone 2022-09-11 06:23:29

      A world-class classic song and dance movie, its music is widely circulated, and the song and dance are highly compatible with the plot. Natural, smooth, and touching The best interpretation of the...

    • By Sonny 2022-04-24 07:01:03

      A very beautiful story~ Many songs in the movie are so moving now that they are worthy of being...

    • By Wilford 2022-04-24 07:01:03

      Absolutely classic work, worthy of repeated...

    • By Carmel 2022-04-24 07:01:03

      Classic movies, classic melodies, never tire of...

    Movie plot

    22-year-old Maria ( Julie Andrews ) is a nun who grew up in a Salzburg monastery. However, her lively and nature-loving character always makes her trouble in the monastery. Dean Abis ( Peggy Wood ) in the nun's house feels that her lively character is not suitable for the life of a nun. So, when she received a request from Colonel von Trapp ( Christopher Plummer ) to seek nursing care, she decided to let Maria go, and let her explore...
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    Behind the scenes

    The best candidate for director Robert Wise to play Colonel von Trapp is Yul Brynner (Yul Brynner) . But U Brynner refused the invitation, and Christopher Plummer eventually played the role.
    Because the filming cycle is relatively long, the young actors have grown a lot in the process. In order to make the actors look the same in the shots, the filming team used a lot of small shooting techniques to conceal all of this.
    At the end of the...
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    Background creation

    "The Sound of Music" is adapted from the Broadway musical of the same name, based on Maria von Trapp's book "The Story of the Trapp Family Singers by Maria von Trapp" ("The Story of the Trapp Family Singers by Maria von Trapp") Adapted. The filming locations of the film are also in Salzburg, Austria and Bavaria mentioned in the original work.
    The producer of the film initially wanted to direct the Hollywood director William Wyler...
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    Evaluation action

    The many songs in "The Sound of Music" dazzled the audience. The beautiful, smooth and vivid music created by Richard Rogers and the elegant and popular lyrics written by Broadway producer Oscar Hammerstein II. , Is undoubtedly a key factor in the unprecedented success of the film. ( Review of "New Express ")
    In the music film "The Sound of Music", Julie Andrews's high-pitched and bright open voice is like a valley warbler, and it...
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    Movie quotes

    • Maria: I'd like to thank each and every one of you for the precious gift you left in my pocket today.

      Captain von Trapp: Um, what gift?

      Maria: It's meant to be a secret, Captain, between the children and me.

      Captain von Trapp: Uh-huh. Then I suggest that you keep it, and let us eat.

      Maria: Knowing how nervous I must have been, a stranger in a new household, knowing how important it was for me to feel accepted. It was so kind and thoughtful of you to make my first moments here so warm and happy and... pleasant.

      [All the while, the children look guilty. Marta starts to cry]

      Captain von Trapp: What is the matter, Marta?

      Marta: Nothing.

      [Louisa, Brigitta and Gretl join in, while Liesl, Friedrich and Kurt continue to look guilty]

      Captain von Trapp: Uh, Fräulein... is it to be at every meal, or merely at dinnertime, that you, uh, intend leading us all through this rare and wonderful new world of... indigestion?

      Maria: Oh, they're all right, Captain. They're just happy.

      [All of the girls, except Liesl, continue to cry out of guilt]

    • Maria: Children can't do all the things they're supposed to if they have to worry about spoiling their precious clothes.

      Captain von Trapp: They haven't complained yet.

      Maria: Well, they wouldn't dare! They love you too much. They *fear* you too much!

      Captain von Trapp: I don't wish you to discuss my children in this manner.

      Maria: Well, you've got to hear from someone! You're never home long enough to know them.

      Captain von Trapp: I said I don't want to hear anymore from you about my children!

      Maria: I know you don't, but you've got to! Now, take Liesl.

      Captain von Trapp: [hesitatingly] You will not say one word about Liesl, Fraulein.

      Maria: She's not a child anymore, and one of these days, you're going to wake up and find that she's a woman. You won't even know her. And Friedrich, he's a boy, but he wants to be a man and there's no one to show him how.

      Captain von Trapp: Don't you dare tell me about my son.

      Maria: Brigitta could tell you about him if you let her get close to you. She notices everything.

      Captain von Trapp: Fraulein...

      Maria: And Kurt pretends he's tough not to show how hurt he is when you brush him aside,

      Captain von Trapp: That will do!

      Maria: the way you do all of them. Louisa I don't even know about yet,

      Captain von Trapp: I said that will do!

      Maria: but somebody has to find out about her, and the little ones just want to be loved. Oh, please, Captain, love them! Love them all!

      Captain von Trapp: I don't care to hear anything further from you about my children.

      Maria: I am not finished yet, Captain!

      Captain von Trapp: Oh, yes, you are, Captain!

      [pauses, then corrects himself]

      Captain von Trapp: Fraulein!

    • Marta: Why doesn't father turn the motor on?

      Kurt: [agitated] Because he doesn't want anybody to hear us!

      Captain von Trapp: Shh!

      Louisa von Trapp: What will Frau Schmidt and Franz said when they discover we're gone?

      Maria: They'll be able to answer truthfully they didn't know anything about it if anyone asks them.

      Louisa von Trapp: Will we be coming back here?

      Maria: Someday, Liesl. I do hope someday.

      Gretl: Are Father and Uncle Max going to push the car all the way to Switzerland?

      Maria: Shh!