When Trumpets Fade

When Trumpets Fade

  • Director: John Irvin
  • Countries of origin: United States
  • Language: English
  • Release date: June 27, 1998
  • Runtime: 1 hour 35 minutes
  • Sound mix: Stereo
  • Aspect ratio: 1.33 : 1
  • Also known as: Hurtgen
  • When Trumpets Fade is an action war film directed by John Ivan and starring Ron Eddard and Zak Orth.
    The film tells the story of the German surrender in World War II ; after capitulate , the German troops in some areas continued to resist, and the Allies paid a considerable price to eradicate these remnants.


    • Release date June 27, 1998
    • Filming locations Budapest, Hungary
    • Production companies HBO NYC Productions, Citadel Entertainment, Hofflund/Polone

    Movie reviews

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    • By Adolf 2022-07-08 21:03:59

      war without heroes

          TG's active duty soldiers may not agree, but for us viewers, war is something else entirely - for example, in the war movies we are familiar with, there are spears and guns on one side, warriors screaming, and blue Celtic pounces on calm. On the other side, artillery fire roared, the forest was raining at night, and the big boy with the M-16 collapsed in the foxhole and neighed desperately until he lost his voice. In that world, technological progress always seemed to be accompanied by a...

    • By Eleanora 2022-07-08 21:03:04

      faded charge

         After the Allied forces landed in Normandy, France on June 6, 1944, the Germans retreated. Although the Allied morale was high, they thought that the end of the war was just around the corner, but the later Operation Market Garden was frustrated, and because the supply line was too long, the Allied forces attacked. The speed and kinetic energy of the U.S. Army weakened, especially for the U.S. Army under Patton. After October, the war came to a stalemate. The U.S. Army confronted the...

    • By Hollie 2022-07-08 20:26:46

      A movie that is not very well-known in China, but left a deep impression on me.

      I watched "Dunkirk" two days ago, and it was very unpleasant. This reminds me of this movie I saw many years ago. This movie is not well known (in China), but it left a deep impression on me when I saw it.

      At the beginning of the film, with a gunshot, the protagonist ran out of the forest. He was the only one who survived the battle, but his mood was low and negative, he applied to leave the front line, but was appointed as a recruit platoon leader. So, he can only take a group of...

    • By Robb 2022-07-08 20:20:11

      The worst major

      After watching this movie, in addition to being sad, I was so angry, because the countless casualties of the protagonist's company were completely caused by this idiot's inaction. Including the retreat of the protagonist at the beginning, this guy launched a total of 4 charges, and there was no instruction except for the death order. Well, Wang Defa, I know that the US battalion commander had a tradition of not participating in the battle during World War II, but he was so unclear about...

    • By Joanie 2022-07-08 18:46:05

      Worth recommending realistic war movies

      The real war is about the same as this film. Two groups of people who are extremely frightened fight face to face, not to win but to survive.

      The most profound is the dialogue between Manning and the first company commander. The people above really understand war? They also had to walk around and act like captains.

      It doesn't matter what the motive is, what matters is the choice at the critical moment. It's better to kill those who flinch from the battle, for example,...

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    • By Roselyn 2022-09-23 02:52:12

      It's almost like a remake of a spoof...

    • By Nikita 2022-09-15 17:33:04

      The only way to escape is to dash forward. Very absurd movie, everyone is fighting for something meaningless. anti war...

    • By Margarette 2022-08-20 14:38:17

      Non-Hollywood is not even the different American battlefields of World War II in Europe. There are no tactics for honor, friendship, country, liberty, or even that magical. There is just death, helplessness, bureaucracy, mistakes, suspicion, tasks and fears. The significance of this film is to let the audience realize that films such as Company of Heroes saving Private Ryan are World War II films that are mixed with mainstream American ideology, beautified, and...

    • By Cindy 2022-07-08 22:22:19

      The same story at the beginning and the end, young soldiers are sent to the battlefield, from cannon fodder that knows nothing, old birds after life and death, one by one, life becomes a blood-stained nameplate, newcomers keep sending veterans and die...

    • By Kade 2022-07-08 22:17:37

      It's an anti-war war movie, but the slower pace didn't allow me to watch it...

    Movie plot

    The background of the film is the bloody Battle of Horgen Forest during World War II . After an entire platoon of comrades was wiped out by the enemy, the only surviving Private, Private David Manning, was promoted to sergeant. Unable to bear the pressure of leading the recruits, Manning applied for retirement on the grounds of mental discomfort. However, Manning's commander put forward a condition to him: as long as he led troops to...
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    Movie quotes

    • Sgt. Talbot: [Points gun at Manning's head] You executed Baxter!

      Pvt. David Manning: You're damn right I did! He ran, you'd have done the same thing!

      Medic Chamberlain: Put the gun down, Talbot!

      Sgt. Talbot: Shut up!

      Pvt. David Manning: Go ahead. We're all dead anyway.

    • Sgt. Talbot: Where's your squad?

      Pvt. David Manning: [Points at Sanderson] Over there.

    • Pvt. David Manning: [Is being promoted against his wishes] I was a private three days ago

      Captain Zenek: This isn't up for discussion, Lieutenant. You've got no choice in this. And as it is... neither do I.