When Trumpets Fade movie plot

2022-07-08 18:58
The background of the film is the bloody Battle of Horgen Forest during World War II . After an entire platoon of comrades was wiped out by the enemy, the only surviving Private, Private David Manning, was promoted to sergeant. Unable to bear the pressure of leading the recruits, Manning applied for retirement on the grounds of mental discomfort. However, Manning's commander put forward a condition to him: as long as he led troops to capture a German outpost, he would report Manning's application for retirement. go up. But in a ruthless war, what matters is not victory, but how to survive the battlefield. 
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When Trumpets Fade quotes

  • Medic Chamberlain: [Instructing new recruit] You don't think about it, you don't hesitate, you just do it, you understand? Otherwise, you're gonna go home to your mama in a box, alright?

  • Pvt. David Manning: What is your name?

    Doug Despin: Doug... Despin.

    Pvt. David Manning: Well, Doug Despin, this is the second time I'm telling you to shut up.

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