Worth recommending realistic war movies

Joanie 2022-07-08 18:46:05

The real war is about the same as this film. Two groups of people who are extremely frightened fight face to face, not to win but to survive.

The most profound is the dialogue between Manning and the first company commander. The people above really understand war? They also had to walk around and act like captains.

It doesn't matter what the motive is, what matters is the choice at the critical moment. It's better to kill those who flinch from the battle, for example, when you have to organize an attack, choose to take the risk and kill the tank in advance, even if all this is just to have a greater chance of coming back alive.

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When Trumpets Fade quotes

  • Pvt. David Manning: Listen, I'm getting the hell out of here. I've done my share, and I'm getting out!

  • Capt. Roy Pritchett: Congratulations Private, you're a sergeant now.

    Pvt. David Manning: I am absolutely the wrong man!

    Capt. Roy Pritchett: You've managed to stay alive for a week: that's something the rest of your platoon couldn't do. Call me crazy, but from where I'm standing, that qualifies you for the job!