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——Comment on the three-act structure of the movie "Roman Holiday".
Love is the enduring theme of the movie. As one of the most classic love movies in the history of movies, "Roman Holiday" is not only the strong personal charm of the hero and heroine, but its drama Structure is also something to study. The film was shot in the 1930s, when Italian realist films were in vogue, emphasizing the use of simple film language to restore the most authentic world, breaking the traditional drama theory. At this time, "Roman Holiday" strictly adhered to the "three-act structure" of traditional dramas and was a great success.

The classic "three-act structure" means that certain events with certain functions occur at certain moments in the film. In this way, two people, one day, in the beautiful Rome, staged a scene of chance encounter, love and parting.

The structure is established within the first 40 minutes of the film. The boring little princess who was tired of court etiquette fled the palace, fell asleep on the side of the road, and met a little reporter who was very poor. The reporter knew that the girl was the princess. In order to get the money, the reporter made an agreement with the editor-in-chief to get an exclusive interview with the princess. Two people who had nothing to do with each other met and established a special character relationship. The princess just wanted to escape from the boring court life. The reporter wanted to get an exclusive interview with the princess, and the reporter had an active purpose and behavior to express. This establishes the complete character relationship, the situation, and the main problems faced by the central character or characters, which entice the audience to continue watching.

The plot that follows further develops the complex character relationships, with the central character struggling to solve the main problems he faces. In order to get the exclusive interview, the reporter used various methods to get in touch with the princess. This part of the film was enriched with many delicate details. Annie rushed to the barber shop and cut off her long hair; in front of the "True Heart Stone", the reporter pretended to have her arm swallowed, Annie's panicked expression; and the two climbed out of the river and couldn't help kissing. In the process, both of them have a crush on each other. But the time has come, the princess is going back, and the separation is in front of you, no matter how much the two of them are reluctant to part. It is not difficult to break through the rules, but it is difficult to make good things within the rules. That is not a restriction, but a rule that makes the plot tighter and more beautiful.

As the climax of the whole film, the atmosphere of the last scene is too well rendered, and there is no intense dialogue. It depends entirely on the performance of the characters and the movement of the camera. With every move, the feeling of reluctance between two people comes out. I still remember another classic love film "Long Dreams of the Covered Bridge". Two people also wanted to love but couldn't. After a few days of being together, because of the constraints of the real world and the responsibilities, they had to say goodbye. The scene was set in the rain, and the acting skills of Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep didn't say anything. The reason why I mentioned this movie is because it has a lot in common with Roman Holiday, the love that happened suddenly, the short-term relationship, because of identity and responsibility, had to be separated. For thousands of years, love stories have been removed from the packaging, and the essence is not Outside so. But the Roman holiday is even more difficult. The two are separated in two worlds, and the final farewell is exposed in front of everyone. Don't be too straightforward, but let him know that you are talking to him, and you are not leaving because you don't love , but because of your responsibility. All the European cities that Annie said at the end love Rome the most. In fact, the people she loves are in Rome, and the most unforgettable memories are in Rome.

And it is this kind of love that stops and ends so sighing, like a picture of love that has not unfolded. This is the way the movie is. Although the reunion finale makes the audience feel comfortable when watching the movie, it is really thought-provoking. Unforgettable is the kind of unattainable, accidental feeling. A touch of regret will make people stay in my heart forever. The black and white images precipitate the true meaning of love in the world. The holiday in Rome is only one day, but the pure feelings are most enough to make people nostalgic for a lifetime.

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