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"Women" has become a genre in the film industry.
From Flowers of the Dead to the smile of the Mona Lisa, from Girls, interrupted to Juno, as a woman, I've been fortunate enough to witness the development of this genre.

Education (Education) is a masterpiece of "women" in 2009. Because of the perfect interpretation of the heroine Carey Mulligan, it has won praises.

Adapted from an autobiographical novel, the film tells how a smart, beautiful and promising adolescent girl completes the transformation from a girl to a woman after experiencing being attracted, adored and deceived by an adult man.
The plot is not new, because our society has seen too many similar coincidences. But the whole film starts from the back of a girl standing on the side of the road carrying a cello, which makes people fall into the idyllic beauty of youth, and it is not until after the sour growth with Jenny that he quits reluctantly.

Jenny is an unconventional girl. She has an unforgettable face, an all-A mind, and a passion for music and art. Although she lives in a rigid and dogmatic family, she can be unaffected most of the time. independent thinking.
Different from the vase-like heroine in other cliché "Lori and Uncle" stories, such a smart and independent girl is almost an ideal model for modern women, but she has stepped into the adult man's deception step by step without knowing it. Not cruising through growing pains.

In 2009, when we practiced the plot with Jenny, this story that happened in the 1960s resonated and thought again and again: How can women's self-worth be realized?
Beginning with the patriarchal clan, women's liberation and self-liberation have taken a long and tortuous road, in which the splendor and ups and downs are far beyond the scope that can be recorded in words. Now this road seems to have only reached the level of revival, how far it will go in the future, and whether it can finally be integrated with the pursuit of equality and harmony by human beings in ancient times depends on the degree of evolution of our society and whether human beings are really worthy of it. The wisdom of the master of all spirits.
What I do know is that from Virginia Woolf to Simone Beauvoir, feminism is on the rise. Aside from the misunderstanding that men frown upon hearing feminism, the core of feminism is actually closely related to women themselves, that is, what is a woman's self-worth? How to achieve?

Jenny is smart and independent, and it's also true that Jenny was lost in a scam.
Some people say that Jenny's loss is because she hates her boring and boring life and longs to experience the wonderful world as a woman;
some people say that Jenny's loss is actually a love of vanity, dazzled by the various good life provided by David, so that His deception was not discovered in time.
If I had to say, I don't think she even knew what Jenny's situation was. A girl who thinks beyond age and longs for more girls, travels through two completely different lives, and finds the answer to realize self-worth in denial and self-denial, so there will be education for growth.

I would also say that whether it is to go to Oxford according to the expectations of parents and teachers, or to marry a successful person like Daivd early and enjoy the good life at your fingertips, it needs to be questioned.
A woman's recognition of self-worth is not just as simple as "whether to take shortcuts", but must be questioned and measured with her own heart.
Because no matter which path it takes, it is the situation of others and socialization that is paved by Jenny. If Jenny wants to grow from an ignorant precocious girl to a woman who can understand herself, then this kind of questioning and denial is necessary. At least at this point, Jenny did it. She didn't blindly follow her parents' assumptions about her entering Oxford, and she didn't become David's mistress after learning the truth. She even asked the principal and the female teacher who cared about her about the meaning of learning and the future. in whose hands.

In fact, Jenny personally verified all her questions about herself, all her questions about self-worth. She chose her own path in the chaos and found the answer in the whirlpool of deception - knowing herself through her own heart, self-realization.

No need for Huang Zhenyi's amazing talent, no need for the shocking world of fish and mystery, no need for Wu Zetian's shocking past and present, the realization of women's self-worth actually only begins with a small piece of paper written by Jane Austen during the tea break, starting with Coco Chanel A neckline cut from a shirt, it started with a slice of onion cut by Julia Child, it started with Emilia cutting her hair short, it started with the question Jenny asked herself as she grew up as a woman.

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An Education quotes

  • Jenny: If you never do anything, you never become anyone.

  • Jack: Knowing a famous author is better than becoming one. It shows you're connected.