Love her, just want to listen to her

Luther 2022-12-02 18:15:17

Bai is a rough man, illiterate and illiterate. When he said, "I just want to listen," I thought it was because of the love for the sound of the piano. Yes, very simple, when a person loves a piece of music, whether he understands the lyrics or not, no matter who is playing, he just wants to listen.
I was wrong, what Bai wanted to listen to was not the piano, but the non-speaking player in front of him. He was moved by the sound of the piano and was also infected by this woman's soul. He knew very well that for this player, the piano was her voice and her life...
He fell in love with this woman, he wanted her, not only her body, but her soul.
If you truly love a woman, you will listen to her...A
woman will only love a man who listens to her.

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