A History Teacher's Rethinking of History (Written in 2002)

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Alice comes from a happy and happy family, a wealthy middle-class family, a lovely daughter Gabby, a successful government officer husband Robert and a responsible nanny. It was in this warm family that the "daughter's story" began.

Alice's identity - a middle school history teacher, she teaches strictly and believes in history. But she was in a history class in Argentina in 1983, and inevitably faced the skeptical students whose attitudes that history was written by butchers influenced Alice, who started her as Gabby's adoptive mother. It is doubted whether Gabi's biological mother is related to the issue of missing persons, and whether Gabi was really sent by her biological mother. The reason for Alice's search for the truth also came from high school classmate Anna, literature teacher Minlis and the demonstrators in the Plaza de Mayo.

Robert's identity ━ ━ a successful career from the upper class, and love his family deeply. Perhaps out of luck, he kept up with the military government in 1976 and achieved his current life. Of course, this also made him at odds with his left-wing father and younger brother. However, the story is set in 1983, on the eve of the end of military rule. The coming of Alphas will definitely change Robert's fate, so he is also worried.

Minlis's identity - Alice's colleague, middle school literature teacher, and a pioneer of intellectual advancement that students love. And because of the arrangement of class hours, "literature and history always meet". Minlis and Alice go from conflicting sides to mutual understanding and finding the truth together.

Anna's identity - Alice's high school classmate, a woman who was exiled due to different political opinions after the military revolution in 1976, she witnessed and experienced the brutality of the dictator, and was the first person to make Alice understand the problem of missing persons.

Gabi's identity - Before the story happened, Alice believed that the real daughter was just a daughter who was adopted according to the formal procedures because of her infertility. After the story happened, Alice's suspected "negative" daughter began to look for the true process of Jiabi's adoption.
The development of the whole film is also the development of Alice's psychology, from a stubborn and conservative history teacher to doubts about Gabby's identity after a high school party, to the shock after witnessing the May Square parade, and finally to her relentless search for the truth. She also thought about the disaster that would bring her family if she knew the truth, so she hesitated, she went to church to confess, and the priest told her not to give up what God had given her. The meeting with Jiabi's grandmother made her choose the truth completely. During the meeting, Jiabi's grandmother mentioned the story of Jiabi's biological mother: "A neighbor said that he saw them being taken away and said that the fire was not intentional". The last fire was a conspiracy in Florence.

The consequences and price of Alice's understanding of the truth must be the destruction of the family. Robert could not accept Alice's transformation. He was right. "Gabby has lost a mother, do you want her to lose another one?" Lovely Liz can no longer accept the pain caused by this government full of lies, and she would rather choose to abandon her beloved Robert and Gabby. She brought her grandmother Gaby home and saw Robert, "I brought her because I want to know if Gaby is her grandchild, or someone else's grandchild, or the grandchild of someone who hasn't the strength to walk around the plaza with a poster." It can be seen that Alice's position has completely separated from the middle-class life on Robert's side and joined the parade on the Plaza de Mayo.

In the end, Robert beat her unbearably, and she finally chose to leave at the most painful time of love.

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The Official Story quotes

  • Alicia: Time for bed, Gaby.

    Gaby: Just a little longer. One more story.

    Ana: The one about the invisible paint? This paint makes things invisible. For instance, we paint your bed and it vanishes. Then mommy will think you're sleeping in mid-air.

    Gaby: Mommy, is she like Dolores? Is she your "divided" friend?

  • Ana: [to Roberto] Gaby is wonderful. She says I'm the "divided" friend.

    Alicia: [laughing] She can't pronounce devoted. She loves the word and uses it constantly.

    Roberto: Will you be staying?

    Ana: I don't know yet.

    Roberto: You're looking good. I never saw you in a skirt before. Europe was good for you, wasn't it? It seems to have polished up your edges.