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2022-07-06 23:21
There are no special effects of beautiful women in beautiful clothes, and I am not responsible for locking the eyeballs and igniting hormones to laugh out the abdominal muscles. It is just a small opening to a period of the most brutal political persecution in history, and the truth of history is deconstructed. For the viewing group, this Argentine political film in the 1980s is really a bit incompetent, unable to produce a smooth and incisive viewing experience, but it achieves a unique entry into politics and a ruthless exposure of the Argentine military dictatorship. The film, which was released three years after the Anglo-Falklands War, is quite in line with the tastes of the Oscars and the mainstream value systems in Europe and America   .
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The Official Story quotes

  • Benitez: [to Alicia in Classroom] Literature and History always meet.

  • Alicia: Time for bed, Gaby.

    Gaby: Just a little longer. One more story.

    Ana: The one about the invisible paint? This paint makes things invisible. For instance, we paint your bed and it vanishes. Then mommy will think you're sleeping in mid-air.

    Gaby: Mommy, is she like Dolores? Is she your "divided" friend?

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