The Official Story movie plot

2022-07-06 20:24
In 1983, a middle-class family in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, husband Robertis a manager of a company, and his wife Aliciais a middle school history teacher. He lives happily with his five-year-old adopted daughter, Gabby. One day, Anna, Alicia's "missing" girlfriend for many years, suddenly visits and tells her about her experience of being brutally tortured by the military dictatorship. , but he always hesitated.
After many hard inquiries, Alicia finally found out that Jiabi was the daughter of the "missing person". Now her parents' whereabouts are unknown, and only one grandmother is still alive. She brought Jiabi's grandmother to her husband, but the husband not only insulted the old woman, but also kicked her out of the house and beat his wife brutally. In the end, Alicia quietly left home in the darkness, melted into the darkness, and walked out of the darkness.  .
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The Official Story quotes

  • Benitez: [to Alicia in Classroom] Literature and History always meet.

  • Alicia: Time for bed, Gaby.

    Gaby: Just a little longer. One more story.

    Ana: The one about the invisible paint? This paint makes things invisible. For instance, we paint your bed and it vanishes. Then mommy will think you're sleeping in mid-air.

    Gaby: Mommy, is she like Dolores? Is she your "divided" friend?

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