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2022-07-06 22:15
The background of The Official History begins in the 1970s, when the Argentine military dictatorship secretly kidnapped or assassinated thousands of dissidents and political suspects. Many young children or infants of "missing persons" are sold to families without children. After the collapse of the military dictatorship, the survivors or fugitives who survived the disaster returned to their homes one after another to find their "missing" relatives. Mothers concentrated on demonstrations in the "Plaza Mayo", hoping that people with a conscience, Let the adopted child return to the arms of the biological parents  .
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The Official Story quotes

  • Ana: [to Roberto] Gaby is wonderful. She says I'm the "divided" friend.

    Alicia: [laughing] She can't pronounce devoted. She loves the word and uses it constantly.

    Roberto: Will you be staying?

    Ana: I don't know yet.

    Roberto: You're looking good. I never saw you in a skirt before. Europe was good for you, wasn't it? It seems to have polished up your edges.

  • Alicia: Dolores is lucky to have such a devoted friend as you.

    Gaby: What does "divided" mean?

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