Supernational Law

Keyshawn 2022-10-22 15:41:25

1. Demons turned out to be human beings
. To be a hunter requires a firmer belief than a Christian, being slaughtered by demons, chased by police, and persecuted among hunters!
3. People with many black eyes are suspected to be possessed by demons, and those with many white eyes are more likely to be the behind-the-scenes boss
4 of the demon. When a person dies, try to cremate as much as possible to prevent becoming a ghost
5 in the future. For all kinds of seasonings, salt and salt must be kept at home
. The book does not have to be read well, but it must be memorized well7
. Don't have good luck all the time, maybe the devil will take a fancy to the exchange game
8. Remember to tattoo a gossip mark,
9 on your body. The devil is also divided into different gangs, and they have their own idols.

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